Friday, 11 February 2011

The Punisher Plan: learning solo pvp in New Eden.

Like many new pilots, I knew from the outset that I wanted to pvp. In fact, I pvp in any computer game I play, as destroying computer generated enemies gets old fast.

Looking around the web, everyone seems to have an opinion about how to get into pvp. Most advice is to join some kind of organisation (Faction Warfare, Red v Blue, pvp corp, etc) and learn from those who already know the ropes.

The trouble is, it is very difficult to tell the good pvpers from the hacks without being good at pvp yourself. And even good pvpers may not actually be good at teaching, which is an altogether different skill.

Also, I learn by doing. I can read advice (like how to use the D-Scanner) many times, but it's only after I actually do it (over, and over again) that I actually get it.  And getting it is key to pvp in any game. The pilot that wins in a novel situation is not the pilot that has memorised habits and reactions - that's called drill and is useful in coordinating large groups - but the one that understands the fundamental principles governing the conflict.

So I am going to learn by doing. I've bought myself 20 Punishers, and I'm going to loose them all.

Every. Single. One.

And after each loss, I'm going to reflect on what I did wrong, and what I could have done better.

It's not much of a plan - but it's the one I've got.


  1. With your blog as inspiration, I've undertaken my own punisher plan. Thanks for the info and the idea!

  2. Good plan.
    Bought 5 rifters and even though i have 30mil SP I am a solo noob..

    I expect to die in a blaze of glory.

  3. Embarking on a similar project but again with rifters. Though I suppose I could use punishers.
    bagged my first inti. Hope to hear more of your exploits.

  4. Im returning after 3 years away and I to will be flying a rifter with 24mil sp backing it to get back into things.

    Could u guys post what kind of places you are having success getting targets?

  5. I just got onto FW myself, and bought 10 x Executioner's. I just got the Punisher, so I will be doing this too and following your blog. Myabe we'll lock each other some day.

  6. Solo PvP is okay I guess. It really all boils down to whether or not your fit counters their fit, or whether their fit counters yours, or if they have more SP trained up in the relevant skills than you. I much prefer fleet PvP but to each their own.

  7. To the above poster, fleet PvP sucks :p EvE pvp is much more then boring and dull blobs, and this blog help new players into solo pvp.

    To sum it up, this blog is amayzing, an inspiration for new players.

    Keep up the good work,