Friday, 11 February 2011

Meet our hero.

Meet Taurean Eltanin, Amarrian Reclaimer, born 01.01.2011.

When I first entered New Eden with a test character, I noticed a distinct sci-fi trend with the names in local. I saw a Zak Allen, a couple of variants of Asimov, etc. Some were clever, some less so.

So I needed an appropriate name. After all my supposedly clever ideas were already taken, I started looking at star names, and decided that I liked both Taurus (the bull) and Eltanin (the dragon). It worked a little better if I tweaked the first name slightly - assonance is a foundation of old English poetry. And so Taurean Eltanin was born.

The name of this blog is a reference to my avatar's name and the game play mechanics of Eve (as well as a totally awesome animated movie, of course).

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