Saturday, 19 February 2011

A busy day.

Well, it's been a busy day.

I spent several hours tearing around low sec in a travel fit Executioner. I was making gate safes and random safes, as well as getting to know the area. My goal is to start doing proper roams through low sec, looking for fights.

There are two low sec zones in Tash-Murkon that looked promising when I zoomed through them. The larger one links into Domain and null sec, and has about 13 systems. No clear pipe; more like a lattice, which should mean it is not gate camped that much.

Small Energy Turrets 5 finished, and so I can now use Dual Light Pulse and Scorch. Unfortunately I am .75 MW  short of the fit that  I want, so I am training up Weapon Upgrades 5 and Advanced Weapon Upgrades 3. This should take me over a week, which is pretty frustrating. That being said, I have long needed to work on my fitting skills. It will mean that Thermodynamics has to wait, though.

In the mean time, I can either drop the nos for a cloak, or I can rig a Current Router. Both add about 1.3 million to the cost of my Punisher, which I am not happy about.

Biting the bullet, I went out and did some low sec exploration, which was very lucrative. I made 40 million in the very first system, and called it a good day's work.

Tonight I will try and get my first roam in, but I am not actually expecting to find a target. If I don't get blown up by someone tougher than me it will be quite the success.


  1. I'm unsure if this is trie with amarr ships like it is with minmatar ships, but I find quite often that switching from the middle group of t2 guns to the least powerful (150mm II to 125mm II) barely drops DPS, but allows me to fit my ship more freely. It might be worth seeing how much DPS you'll lose with Gatling Pulse laser II's, and how much range, to determine if it's acceptable for your fits or not.

  2. You are absolutely right about the minimal damage difference, and frankly I would gladly take a slight dps hit to get the tracking the the Gatling Pulse Laser 2 offers.

    Unfortunately, it's the range/falloff, not the dps that makes the DLP2 the weapon of choice.

    GPS2 has an optimal of 4.8km, and a falloff of .5km. DLP2, however, has an optimal of 5.5km, and a falloff of 1.5km. When the Scorch bonus to optimal is factored it, the DLP2 is simply a far more flexible weapon.

    Even with my poor gunnery skills I'm hitting over 9km optimal with Scorch, and nearly 11km with falloff. Because I am so often unable to control the range of the engagement, I feel much better knowing that I can get that extra range.

    Still, it is an excellent interim suggestion. I wish I had thought of that before I went and rigged Punisher 6. If I'm picking my fights in high sec, after all, then I am unlikely to face up against a kiting Rifter, or similar opponent.

    In the long run, though, these are skills that I need and that will help me fit any ship I choose to fly. While there are flashier skills that I really want right now, the fitting skills are rock solid.

  3. Good to see someone not buying into the fear of lowsec. Good luck with your exploration and getting your kills.