Friday, 11 February 2011

The Carebear Legacy

So what has my six week foray into pve cost me?

I have just over 2 million SP; 350k of that are devoted to drone skills I have no immediate need or use for, and the same again in exploration related skills. That's a (short term) waste of about a third of my training or playing time, giving me only four effective weeks of training behind my character.

That hurts.

It's not all bad, of course. Flying a cruiser has taught me something about the limitations larger ships suffer, and it has given me a healthy respect for drones. More importantly, however, I've got no financial worries. Despite some foolish spending choices, I still have about 80 million in the bank, which will keep me in Punishers for a while.

I'm also pretty well set up to make more money when that runs out. While exploration provides an erratic income, it's pretty decent, and far better than I could make running missions at my SP level.

I can also see myself flying a Pilgrim eventually, so I don't think any of my skills (except the points in medium energy turrets - what was I thinking?) will be wasted in the long term.

But right now? It hurts.

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