Friday, 11 February 2011

The story so far.

Although I started Eve wanting to pvp, I very quickly became distracted. Eve is, after all, an awesome sandbox. So much so that I really lost my focus.

First, I ran all the tutorial missions (or most of them - really wasn't interested in mining or industry), just like everyone said I should. And they were right. But I fell in love with exploration. The idea of finding hidden treasure is pretty much irresistable.

I started regular high sec exploration runs, and I quickly found that running the sites required more than my little frigate, or even my destroyer, could handle.

So I moved up to a cruiser. The Arbitrator was the only one that interested me, so of course I started training drone skills. And as I had this great cruiser, I started running missions, because I could use the loyalty points to buy faction ammo, and exploration implants.

Without realising it, I had morphed into an unintended carebear. It didn't help that my one experiment with Faction Warfare was terribly dull - groups of high SP players with pimped ships camping gates and podding noobs. They had mad skills, I tell you.

So what happened? Well, I ventured into low sec. I went in cloaked and scanned down a region for Radar/Mag sites. I found one and came back in with an Arbitrator and cleared the site - about 10 million in loot. Not the best site I've ever run, but still a nice haul for a noob.

Then, one jump from safety, I hit a Blue Flint gate camp.

To my (meagre) credit, I spotted the camp right away, and spent some time deciding what to do. My passive tank Arbitrator had no MWD, so burning back to the gate was out. I just had to hope to hit warp before they got me. I'm sure you know how that ended.

I did manage to get away in my pod though, and I contacted the killmail pilot to give him a gf, and find out what I should have done to escape. We chatted a bit, and he invited me to sign up with them for pvp tutelage. I did not take him up on the offer, but I was left with one final thought.

That was awsome.

Sneaking around through low-sec. Trying to outsmart the pirates. The final showdown.

Yeah. This was what I had been missing. Time to get back to pvp.

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