Sunday, 27 February 2011

I'm moving.

I have spent a lot of time in low sec recently, but you wouldn't know it from my posts.

You see, Amarr low sec is a galactic cul de sac; it doesn't go anywhere, so you generally only find established locals. Typically, this means industrialists, who feel quite cosy and snug behind their forcefields, and feel no need to come out and play with me.

So I have decided to move. This is a real pain in the neck, but it needs to be done. I knew that I wanted to find an area of low sec that was within a few jumps of a trade hub, had multiple high sec entrances, and was part of the main network. Based on these criteria, I narrowed it down to Placid an Molden Heath.

Molden Heath won.

I am very conscious that some of the most infamous pirates in New Eden operate out of Molden Heath, and my own efforts will pale in comparison to theirs. However, Molden Heath has the benefit of being "proven". If I'm not finding targets there I can't blame it on the system; it's because I'm doing something wrong.

I've started moving my kit, and I will start setting up my bookmarks over the next week. Hopefully, I start getting the fights I'm looking for.

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