Monday, 2 May 2011

Flying as a Tusker.

I've never made any secret of the fact that I generally post a week or two in arrears on this blog. Largely, that's to smooth out the postings; I know from my own blog reading that I'd much rather read blogs that post according to a schedule than in bursts. Of course, my play time does not always work like that, so I like to have bit of a buffer in case I'm kept out of New Eden for a week.

Today, however, I'm going to jump forward in time to the present and confirm that I posted my application to the Tuskers the same day I posted my solo Drake kill. My application was accepted, and I joined the Tuskers that weekend. I immediately packed my bags and went back to Molden Heath, where the Tuskers are currently campaigning. That night I scored my first solo kill as a Tusker and also worked as part of a small fleet for the first time (apparently, my Punisher makes decent bait).

What this means, though is that while I will go back to my usual Monday/Wednesday/Friday posting schedule, the next few fights will have happened before I joined the Tuskers. I hope that doesn't confuse anyone.

Equally, I'm going to be making a concerted effort to actually ransom ships where I can now (I don't need the kills any more), and you might actually see my try for some pods - I finally trained up a hauling alt to do my shopping, so my sec status can fall as far as it likes.

Finally, in accordance with the Tusker code, I no longer feel I can accept the 1v1 requests I have been getting through the post. However, I hate avoiding good fights, so if you convo me in game I'm always happy to let you know where I'm currently roaming. If you head my way in a T1 frigate or cruiser, you stand a good chance of getting your fight.

Until then, good hunting.


  1. Grats!

    I looked into moving out to MH also, and its a good 30 or so jumps away, So it will be a lil bit before I make the move =)

  2. Congratulations, Taurean! I'm looking forward to seeing you up in that end of space.

  3. I really found MH to be a terrific place for a newish Pirate when I was there. I know your last visit didn't work out, but I'm sure with the Tuskers as backup you'll be tearing it up this time around.

  4. Welcome to the Tuskers looking foward to roam with you man!!! :)