Friday, 20 May 2011

Eve University

For the past few days I have been getting an increasing amount of traffic from the Eve University forums. Naturally, I backtracked the link, but it leads to the private forums, and I (obviously) don't have a password.

So, assuming it's not super-duper top-secret, is there anything of interest that my Eve Uni readers would care to share?

As an aside, I actually applied to Eve Uni before I came up with the Punisher Plan. Along with Red v Blue, Eve Uni is one of the most commonly recommended places for new pilots to get a start.

However, the University was at war when I applied, and their standing rules of (wartime) engagement would not permit me to fly solo during a war, and I could not learn the skills the Tuskers required flying in a fleet. So I never ended up going for my interview, and I embarked on the Punisher Plan instead.

For those that dream of null sec wars, on the other hand, I suspect Eve Uni is the perfect place to start.


  1. Not a secret. Someone posted a link to your site as a good read for someone who is beginning solo PvP and your setting out to lose 20 ships in low sec. Thats how I got here. Thanks for the site!

  2. I too have noticed traffic from this magical site of secret University types. I do sometimes wonder.



  3. EVE Uni isn't really the place for null-sec wars. The Uni is a neutral corp, and to preserve our neutrality we are prohibited from operating in claimable null-sec. The only null-sec regions we're allowed to enter are NPC null-sec and W-space. The Uni is a great place for beginning pilots to be, since we teach classes in many topics and provide a helpful environment to soften the steep (sometimes vertical) learning curve of EVE.

  4. I should also say that I'm just a rank-and-file pilot and don't speak for the Uni, and all your questions about it may be answered on the EVE University wiki:

    And to Taurean: this is a great blog. I've learned a lot about basic combat maneuvering and how to think about 1v1 PvP.

  5. Thanks for the feedback from the "light" side. Always interesting to know what the other major corps are thinking and doing.

    As for my null-sec comment, I did not mean that Eve Uni does lots of nullsec work. Rather, I meant that their approach to war (as evidenced by their strict Rules of Engagement and Standing Orders) is probably much closer to what a null sec alliance expects from its pilots on a day to day basis than what is expected of, say, the Tuskers.

    It's the old difference between soldiers and warriors. The Tuskers prize self-sufficiency, independence and resourcefulness. Eve Uni (from an outsider's perspective, at least) seems to value top-down organization, discipline and doctrine (as you would expect, frankly, from any organization designed to pass knowledge from veterans to new players).

    Very different skill sets, but each useful in the proper context. My limited understanding of sovereignty pvp suggests that the Eve Uni approach is the preferred approach in sov null-sec.

    1. Actually Eve Uni is nothing like a nullsec alliance. The fact that you have the ignorance and stupidity necessary to compare the two is shameful.

    2. The fact that you seek to defend them with ad hominem attacks rather than logic actually suggests that the two have far more in common than you like to admit. Rabid fanboi-ism seems to be stock in trade for some null sec groups.

      Actually, though, EvE Uni is far more like a religion to some people than a team. Your use of the word "shameful" us an excellent example. You have suggested that it is a moral failing (as opposed to a logical failing) to levy what you see as criticism (I did not see it as such, but then I have no problem with null sec alliances) at your chosen "faith". To move beyond "correct" and "incorrect" to "morally right" and "morally wrong" is to step into theology.

  6. This is i know Post Necrophillia, but hey.

    Eve University now (moving into 2014) is a very different beast to what it was in 2011. In 2011 It was more risk adverse, and had a higher percentage of new players. The standing Orders and Structure were designed to protect the Students and the Uni from Losses.

    The Uni is now retaining Students longer than ever, It offers Satelite Campuses in Low Sec, Null, and Wormhole space. And has much less restrictive Orders. There are still quite a few rules, but we have certainly moved away from a very ridgid structure.

    Fly Uni, Fly RvB, Fly Tuskers, Hek Fly Goons if you want.... Its supposed to be fun.