Saturday, 31 December 2011

Life Imitates Art

This Christmas I received an awesome new Jedi dressing gown robe. Shut up. Real men love Jedi.

Anyway, while I immediately recognised the intrinsic awesomeness of this gift, I underestimated the hood. I mean, hoods are theatrical and all, but hardly a comfort thing.

How wrong I was.

Putting the hood up makes my head and ears feel just that little bit warmer, almost cosy, in fact, and by cutting off my peripheral vision slightly the hood focuses me entirely on my monitor/keyboard. So yeah, I now play EVE in a Jedi dressing gown robe with the hood up. Deal with it.

As I was testing out my new Crow, it suddenly occurred to me: I now bear an uncanny resemblance to my avatar.


  1. Real men are all about the Empire!

    Good for you on the gift. A more focused pilot is that much more deadlier :)

  2. Jedi or not, real men don't call a robe a gown, and they don't love gowns. ;-)
    It does look soooo comfy though. >;-D
    Just curious though, why not the Sith version on the left? Do you haz a secret cuddly bear side we never see in-game or on-blog, Taur?

  3. Hmmm. "Robe" does indeed sound more awesome. I shall modify the original post!

    However, regarding my alleged cuddly side, allow me a crushing rebuttal: