Friday, 9 December 2011

Where are the November accounts?

For the two of you that actually follow the monthly accounts I post, I thought I'd provide an explanation regarding the lack of accounts for November.

Because my patch problems started before the end of November, I've not actually had he ability to log in and sell any of the loot that I accrued over the course of the month. This means that preparing the accounts now would have simply resulted in a large (and misleading) loss figure, followed by a (hopefully) large (and misleading) profit figure for December once I am actually able to bring the loot to market.

Rather than produce two meaningless sets of accounts, I've decided to roll November and December's accounts into one, which means they should be coming out at the beginning of January.

I'll also be posting a one year character review around that time.


  1. I follow your posts, Taur. I just dont like to register for stuff and never comment. (I know I know). However I appreciate your writing style and find your writing to be very entertaining and educational.

    Just wanted to break the silence and say "thanks" for a dependable and good read.


  2. nuts, its been a year already.

    Makes sense about the accounts, would just mess things up to include this months when you can't actually manage it.

    Did Korg ever say when he would mail you the client hardcopy?

  3. Register what now?

    There are three of us that follow. I've found your financial breakdowns quite enlightening. Wish I could do it - I'm not so gifted on the accounting talents. That really means, I spend it as fast as I get it.