Saturday, 10 December 2011

Some good news and some... good news.


First of all, I thought that I'd let everyone know that the manual reinstall was a success and I can now get back into New Eden. I won't be able to play properly until tomorrow, but I'm looking forward to seeing the new engine trails on my Malediction - for some reason, it's my funny little Interceptor that I've been missing the most.

On that note, I'm going to take a little break from my Caldari/shield training to get Interceptors V. I've been really enjoying a mwd Malediction, both solo and in fleet, and it makes sense for me to max out a skill that I seem to be using all the time. This means that my Merlin/Caracal/Drake shenanigans will probably be delayed into the new year. It's fitting in a way; the first year of my character's life devoted to Amarr frigates, with the second devoted to Caldari cruisers and battlecruisers.

In other awesome news, however, it seems that the Tuskers have been wardec'd!

Now, I know that some of you are thinking "WTF? Aren't you guys all -10 anyway? Why would anyone waste money wardec'ing guys you can already engage anywhere, anytime, without penalty?"

Well, I'm not sure what's in it for Devious Decorum (or their alleged backers, Shadow Cartel), but that's not really the point. The point is that someone paid good money to fight us, which probably means that they are going to, you know, fight us! How awesome is that!

Of course, my visions of on demand, 24/7 pvp are probably a far cry from the reality, but I'm basking in the illusion for the moment. We've been forced to travel a long, long way for decent fleet fights recently (see our Dram roams to null sec), so the idea of someone actually forming up a fleet for us and delivering it to Hev is just a dream come true.

My corp mates feel that this is likely to be a whole lot of nothing, but this is a brave New Eden. I mean, have you taken a look at Hev recently? I live in a pirate base in the middle of a freaking nebula! I have engine trails! I've actually managed to install the Crucible patch! There is no level of awesome which is out of reach!

Accordingly, I face the coming war with naive optimism.


  1. Ah, I knew google would bring me here when I... actually... remembered to use it.

    Hadn't expected to hear about Merlins here. Should be interesting to see if actual PVP experience can make something useful out of them, because my in game SP have not made them terribly useful flying things thus far.

  2. In before Azual tells you how awesome Merlins can be. (I happen to agree not that that matters any)

  3. Not sure if you caught it or not, but as I said in-game, "Ah, he's alive! o/" Glad to see you're up and running again, and I'm looking forward to seeing how your plans contine!

  4. Actually, I think I must have missed that Dian. Not terribly surprising, really, as all my windows were messed up, so it took me a while to get things sorted.

    Plus, I was probably distracted by all the new toys. :D

  5. Here's to you having a worthy wardec opponent! I've never been in one - always them being 1-2 man corps that don't leave stations.