Friday, 2 December 2011

Having Issues.


No real update today, for two reasons - both of which are Eve related.

First, I'm having internet problems. I'm on limited bandwidth and the recent patch maxed me out. It should fix itself in a few days when my bandwidth refreshes, but in the meantime my access is limited.

Second, though, the patch does not seem to have worked for me. The repair tool also seems broken, as it just sits on "(3/7) Initialising..." without doing anything. It looks like I'm going to have to manually install the patch, which means another download in a few days.

I've already posted a notice to my corp mates, and I thought I'd repeat it here. Worst case, I can't get the patch to work when my bandwidth refreshes, and then I have to look at cancelling my subscription; I simply can't afford to constantly download huge packets of information in the hope of making Eve work.

However, we're not there yet, so hopefully you hear back from me in a few days.


  1. I think it should work if you install a new version of eve rather than patching the old. If you want I could send you a hard copy :P

  2. Wait, you can do that? Presumably by just putting the whole client on a disk or flash drive? And in works?


    Does it make a difference that I'm using windows 32bit XP? I'm not much of a tech person, but that seems like it could be important if you are copying the client from a mac or windows 7 machine.

    If you don't mind sending the client, drop me an in-game email. I'll use evegate to respond and give you an address for postage.

  3. I have Windows XP as well so I dont think that would be an issue.

    Just thought it would be a way around you bandwidth issues as I can download the full client and just mail it to you.

  4. I also have XP. I had an issue where the installer stalled out on 4/7. Waited 3 hours for it to finish.
    In the end, I reinstalled the client and it all worked out as planned. So there's hope.
    Can't have you leaving...I follow this blog religiously :)

  5. The full client shouldn't have issues based on who downloaded it (or their operating system, etc.) as long as the appropriate version is downloaded.

  6. I always find it interesting how new problems arise when old ones are fixed. I do IT work, so I deal with the situation pretty much daily haha.

    Looks like everyone beat me to it, but I would gave suggested just downloading the new version and then installing it. Patching the client screwed up for me as well, and I had to run the repair tool to fix it. I've heard that other people have had to do the same thing, and including your problem, I'd say the patching tool is actually broken. So, here's hoping that downloading an entire new client and installing will fix the problem.

    It'd be a massive shame if you had to quit over this.

    As for the 32 bit/64 bit issue you asked about, it only matters that you get the corresponding version of the client. The operating system itself shouldn't be a problem yet, but expect to have to upgrade to Vista/7 in a few years at most: there hasn't been any support from Microsoft for XP for some time now.

  7. I had mine break after update. What surprise! Last big upade I had to re downlaod whole client etc. The repair tool worked this time but then I had a few patches on client. My xp computer had no probs, I just turn graphics down to min.

  8. I really hope that this does not cause you to have to leave EVE. Your blog actually got me interested in playing this game and I am about to purchase my 20 Rifters to start my PVP career. I have an extra set of instal discs for EVE(both PC and MAC). If you need let me know and I can send them =D

  9. Sorry to hear about your technical difficulties, Taurean. I hope you're back up and running soon.

  10. Also,
    You can go to any trustable cybercafe or ask a friend without bandwidth cap to download the newer client for you and you can remove and reinstall the new one.

  11. If you're in the US mid Atlantic region let me know and I will gladly send you the files you need. You can evemail the name I posted with.

  12. I got 99 problems but bandwidth ain't one

    For what it's worth though the exact same thing happened to me, I ended up using the repair tool twice. Stick with it, it'll work.

    - Siva