Sunday, 1 January 2012

One year on...

Name: Taurean Eltanin
Race: Amarr
Age of Pilot's License: 1 year
Corporation: The Tuskers
Security Status: -10

Kills: 250
Damage Done: 12.48 billion
Losses: 77
ISK Lost: 0.98 billion
Efficiency: 92.73%
Kill/Death Ratio: 3/1
Battleclinc Rank: 22,103

Skill points: 19 million
Skill point breakdown:

It's been an amazing year. I've never had as much fun with any computer game as I have with EVE. In no small part this is because of the fantastic camaraderie of the Tuskers, but I have to give credit to CCP for creating such an absorbing sandbox.

Goals for the coming year:

1) Continue to support myself on piracy: Since starting my monthly accounts, I have always managed to turn a profit, even if only barely. I want to continue this success and build on it. Scraping by is one thing, but being able to afford an expensive toy or two is another. Profitable piracy will continue to be my focus.

2) Max out four more ships: I already fly a maxed out Vengeance, which ought to be a great deal of fun when the AF buff comes in. In truth, I could have maxed out another frigate, if I had really wanted to, but after so much focus, I spread my remaining skill points around a little to help me find a new direction. Now, I know I want to fly a maxed out Malediction, Crow, Caracal, and Drake. This will give me a selection of ships that I can bring to a gang, in both armor and shield fleets. If training time allows, I would also want to include another Amarr ship, such as the Arbitrator, Heretic or Sacrilege. These are "fun" ships, though, and not a priority.

3) Break into the Battleclinic Top 10k: This has been a long term goal of mine, but not something I have put much effort in to. Not dying is a very important part of increasing your BC rank, so it fits easily with my desire to be profitable. With a bit of effort, I should be able to manage this by the end of the year.

Happy new year, everyone.

Fly dangerous.


  1. Is it more important to level up support skills or should I evemon a new ship I want to get in and let it plan it out for me then get alle certificates fo that ship? I don't know what I should do I . Only been playing a month. Let me know what you think. Thanks. P.S. love this blog.

  2. It depends on the ship, to a large extent.

    When I started really getting into pvp, I began with my fitting skills because Punishers are not terribly easy to fit; lasers and tank both take up loads of power grid. However, Rifters, for example, are far easier to fit thanks to the lower requirements of projectiles.

    I then worked on my tanking skills, but that's because it was one of the Punisher's main strengths. Of course, when I finally learned to use EFT, I was shocked to learn that I was only doing 50% of my maximum theoretical damage; I had neglected my dps skills for too long.

    If I were to be starting from the beginning again, I would focus on my missile skills and fitting skills from the outset. Tank and nav skills would be pushed to lvl III, but otherwise ignored until I could fit the ship properly and hit 90% of my max dps.

  3. One more question:) I decided that i want to fly amaar after trying minmitar. I like tanky ships and minmitar altho more ganky doesnt do it for me. If you had to do it again how would you outfit your punisher and would you use ac's or stay with lasers. Which is better in your opinion? And what skills are a must to fly this ship to the best of its ability? Thanks again...