Friday, 20 January 2012

Combat Cloaky

The hunt:

I was roaming about one night when I became irritated by an abundance of afk pilots sitting in safe spots. These were not high end ships, but rather rookie ships and industrials and the like. These pilots were hiding in plain view, secure in the knowledge that the pathetic combat values of their ships and the effort of actually finding them would keep them safe.

At first I just ignored them, but they were everywhere, and they cluttered up my D-scan dreadfully. Finally, I decided that someone needed to do something about this, and I returned to Hevrice to collect my probing ship.

However, they were right, to an extent. Jumping back and forth between ships would be a pain, especially as I would have to wait out my gcc between each kill because otherwise the station guns would try to vapourise me on the dock/undock.

And that's when it hit me: I needed a Combat Cloaky! I could save masses of time by just killing them in my probing ship, and it would be far more amusing that using an actual combat vessel.

Quickly throwing together something laughably called a fit, with one rocket launcher, a cloak, expanded probe launcher and about three scrams (in case of warp stabilisers), I set out on in my trusty Anathema to hunt.

I made no effort to hide my probes, but quickly scanned out an Iteron that soon painfully slowly fell to my rockets.

A Prorator nearly followed, but I forgot about the locking delay and he warped off when I uncloaked but could not immediately point him.

For my next kill I warped in at range (to ensure it was not at a pos), and then warped in a second time, dropping cloak as I did so. It turns out that this Velator was actually not piloted, but since it was cluttering up my D-scan, I destroyed it any way. Apparently, that still nets me a killmail.

By this point, my combat probes had been out for a good 15 minutes, and the other afk pilots were taking the hint and bailing out of Aeschee as fast as they could. So, after waiting out my gcc, I called it a night, feeling very much like  OFFICA LADY SHANIQUA after a full day of SERVING JUSTIC.


Sometimes, you need to leave the serious pvp behind for a little while and just do something crazy and fun. This is part of why sucide ganking is so popular; although I've never been a fan, I've not condemmed others for enjoying it. For my part, I had loads of fun on my JUSTIC PATROL, and I hope to do it again some time.

Which probably means I need to come up with a decent combat fit for my Anathema.


  1. Oh my god, thank you for your service. I've been tempted many times to do the same but I always assumed they were just pos'd up - apparently not though. I think I'll help take the trash out next time I'm in the Hulmate area.

  2. Any decent pilot in pvp should know how to use the d-scan enough to always figure out if a target is at a POS or not.

    tbh though on the flip side....I'll stick alts in this situation just to draw out someone then have my better combat fitted cloacky there to snare the guy doing this ;) so who either way.

  3. relevant...

  4. Well anon I don't generally spend too long trying to scan down Ibis' and Iteron's when I'm roaming, hence why I don't bother unchecking "use overview settings" to see if any POS mods come up next to the Ibis.


  5. lol, that was awesome. I love it! If you are nailing a lot of small stuff put a named target painter on!

  6. Why not use a Stealth Bomber with a probe launcher rather than a Cov-Ops?

    More damage and no locking delay on the SB plus you seem to not need the increase in scan strength if you can leave your probes in full view for 15 minutes.

  7. @Janus Byfrons

    The problem with using a SB for that is that they don't have the spare CPU to fit an expanded probe launcher (which you would need since combat probes require an expanded launcher). It would either terribly gimp the fit or would require offlining and onlining the probe launcher. Though I will admit that I did just EFT a stealth bomber where it kinda worked ... though it required using Rockets on the thing and two CPU Upgrades.