Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Some hard numbers

I know I'm not the only Eve player looking for an easy way to fund my pvp. I'd mentioned in an earlier post that I was looking at a new PI setup, and now I wanted to post some hard numbers.

A direct to P2 planet with IV skills produces a maximum of 5 units of P2 per hour, per advanced factory. There are 3 advanced factories per planet, so each planet produces 15/hour. Over five planets, that's 1800/day, or 54,000/month.

The current Jita buy price of Supertensile Plastics is 16,501.33 ISK/unit. Using that as an example, I could clear 891,071,820 ISK/month. Across three characters on an account, I could theoretically clear 2,673,215,460, or 2.67 billion ISK per month.

Only I wasn't.

Direct to P2 production is actually quite hard on a planet. You need two abundant resources, close together, on a small planet. Otherwise, you produce much less than your maximum. Of the six planets in Chaos, only two were capable of sustaining full direct to P2 production.

And not all your planets are going to be able to produce the 'good' P2 resources. Oxides, for example, have a current Jita buy price of 10,028.10. Even with full production, Oxides will only get you 1.62 billion per month on a single account.

That's much closer to what I was actually seeing from my PI in Chaos.

A P3 factory planet, on the other hand, produces 3 units of P3 per hour, per advanced factory. There are 4 advanced factories, for 288/day, or 8640/month. Synthetic Synapses (which use Supertensile Plastics - I'm trying to keep the examples consistent) have a Jita buy price of 107,700.15/unit. That means that I can produce 930,529,296/month. Across three characters on an account, I could theoretically clear 2,791,587,888, or 2.7 billion per month.

On paper, that's not much of a difference, really.

Except that P1 production planets are really easy to set up. Most worlds have at least one plentiful resource, and even large worlds can typically support full P1 production. The bottleneck is actually the factory planet, and for that, any small world will do.

So far, I'm seeing steady production at my theoretical maximum. It's a long way from being ISK in my wallet, but at least in theory I'm now set up to deliver a decent passive income. Fuel costs for my POS are running at 600 million per month, but I should still come out ahead over my PI in Chaos.

Moreover, when I have the capital I can consider putting up a service-free citadel to drop those fuel costs to nil. After all, it only takes two months for the Astrahaus to make back the purchase price on saved fuel.

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