Monday, 30 January 2017

First blood

Logging in yesterday morning, I immediately noticed a Venture on D-scan. Checking my list of bookmarks, I could see that there were no new sigs in system, so he must be in one of the gas sites that I'd been meaning to clear out that day.

Refitting to double scrams, I cloaked up, and used my D-scan to work out which signature he was sitting in.

Warping to the sig, I landed about 30km away from the Venture, who was busy stealing my Fullerene. With no asteroids or wreckage to avoid, the approach was simple, although I did have to watch my cloak carefully to see when I hit the invisible edge of the gas cloud. As soon as my cloak dropped, I activated my afterburner and overheated my scrams to close the distance as quickly as I could.

As soon as I landed those double scrams, the result was inevitable. Boom. Then pop.

After looking at the killmail, I could see that he was a fairly new player, so I sent him an encouraging Evemail and some ISK.

Vanaheim has now been blooded, and hopefully my success is a good omen.

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