Monday, 16 January 2017

Moving on in

So I've moved. Mostly.

It took me far, far longer than I expected (my hauling skills are weak), but over the weekend I set up my POS in J114905. My main is still based in Chaos - I have decent PI set up there that I want to keep ticking over while the new setup gets established - but my alts are all settled in.

While a lot of work, I'm actually very pleased with my POS. It's not quite finished, as I need Anchoring III to set up the ECM modules, but that will finish training tomorrow morning. This is a link to the fantastic POS planning website that I used to develop my fit.

As a low activity wormhole, the system was full of data and relic sites that I was looking forward to plundering. Unfortunately, the same high sec connection that let me move in also let dozens of other people into the system as well, and the place was picked clean.

Part of me wonders if I shouldn't leave the sites alone just so that I can camp them whenever we have a HS connection. On the other hand, those sites also convinced me that the wormhole was low activity, and encouraged me to move in. I don't want any more neighbors than I already have.

I've sunk over a billion ISK into this project, although half of that was for a skill injector for one of my alts. Still, fuel costs are a real thing, and I am anxiously awaiting evidence that this project will actually turn a profit. It's one thing to work it out on paper, but another to see the ISK in your wallet.


  1. Looks like you're making great progress. I'm in a similar predicament, but with an added advantage of having alts that are a bit more skilled. I found a couple of C3s, one with NS and the other with LS static. Now I need to decide if it's an Astrahaus or a POS that goes in first. Keep up the blog.

  2. Having now lived out of both, I find that I actually prefer the POS to the citadel - except for the fuel requirements! So while I'll probably 'upgrade' at some point, I'm glad I started with a POS.

    Given the low cost of a POS (especially as it can be resold later), I'd recommend starting with a POS even if you move to a citadel fairly swiftly. Having a foothold in the system will almost certainly make anchoring the citadel that much easier.