Thursday, 26 January 2017

Curiosity killed the Manticore

The Vanaheim low sec static was only about a dozen jumps from Chaos null sec static, so I decided to spend the evening in Chaos. I jumped into my taxi - a Crusader with an align time of less than two seconds - and made my way back to Chaos.

Unfortunately, I missed most of the fun. Earlier that evening there had been some successful small gang work, but now my corp-mates were settling in to rat the C5 static; I'm not the only space poor Tusker, and we all have different ways of bringing in the ISK.

So I spent the evening on comms and in corp chat while bouncing around null sec in my Manticore. I wasn't expecting too much, but there was always the chance I'd catch an industrial or a ratting battlecruiser.

So when I saw a cyno go up, I decided to investigate. Perhaps a capital was jumping in, and the corp could try and gank it. I knew the cyno was at a POS, and having started my own POS, I have a new respect for just how dangerous they can be.

So I warped in at range. Unfortunately, I got unlucky with the geometry. The cyno was exactly across the POS from me, and so by warping in at range I managed to bullseye the POS, decloaking myself and ricocheting off the shield.

I was locked and pointed by the POS before I could get my ship out, and subsequently exploded.


A covert ops cloak gives you a certain sense of invulnerability, but it's important to remember that you are just one small accident away from being discovered, and probably destroyed.

It's a necessary reminder, and while I detest losing any ship, if I must be reminded, let it be when I'm flying a stealth bomber, rather than my increasingly expensive Astero!

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