Monday, 19 December 2016

Yoiul Cerebral Accelerators - BRCA redux?

There are several posts that I want to write, but this one is the most time sensitive, so I'm getting it out first.

You may remember that I looked at Blood Raider Cerebral Accelerators in an earlier post to determine whether or not purchasing them off the market (instead of a skill injector) was worthwhile. And it absolutely was, for almost all characters.

It is therefore tempting to assume that the same is true of the Yoiul Cerebral Accelerators, but the supply of YCA is much lower than the supply of BRCA (at least at the moment - more may be coming). This means that, as of this morning, the cost of buying a YCA in Jita is 6.24% of the cost of a skill injector. Not as good as the BRCA, but still below the break point for many players.

However, with a little patience you buy skill injectors for significantly less than the market price (thanks, in no small part, to the recent supply of BRCA), as long as you are not trying to buy in bulk. Using that figure, the cost of a YCA is 8% of the cost of a skill injector. While still technically a 'win' for many players, the cost savings may not be so high as to justify the hassle of trying to log in at the right times each day, especially over the holidays. Clearly, characters with high levels of skill points benefit the most, but they are also the least likely to feel the need to rush training anyway.

Your mileage may vary, but at these prices I'm not stocking up.

A word of warning. The description of the YCA is different from how I remember the BCA being described. There is an implication that any given character can only benefit from a YCA once. I won't know for certain until I try and take my second YCA in two days time. You may want to hold off buying in bulk until the limitations are a little clearer.

And yes, I am feeling smug about training Biology V now.

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