Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Bearing around

My play time for the rest of the month is going to be a little more limited. In part it's because I'm away for a couple of weeks over the holidays, but even before then I've got loads of Christmas functions to attend. A pleasant distraction, to be sure, but still one that prevents me from logging in as often as I would like.

I purchased the last modules I needed for my Secret Santa, and the fully fitted [redacted] is now sitting in my hanger. I need to wrap it, and put it in the corp Christmas Hanger with the other presents. But the hard part is over.

When the opportunity arises, I've been trying to run exploration sites. While PI is my regular income stream, exploration has become my 'need cash now' activity. Having finally paid for the Secret Santa gift, I want to put together some seed money for a project in the new year.

If things work out, I should be able to sustain myself and my pvp at the faction cruiser level, which seems to be where the Tusker are flying right now. While it's crazy how fast your definition of 'expensive' adjusts, you still need to be able to find the ISK before you can fly the ship.

It is not my intention to be coy about this project; I'm simply following my own rule about posting what I've done rather than what I intend to do. I doubt any readers of this blog will be surprised by what I'm aiming at, but there are enough things that could stop the project from getting off the ground that I don't feel ready to post specifics.

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