Monday, 12 December 2016

The Epochs of Eve

I started playing Eve in 2011, when the game was already seven years old. So when the 'bittervets' talk, in game and through blogs and forums, about 'the way things were' there is a sense of being left out. Of having missed part of the story. In many ways, I will always be a newcomer to Eve, standing on the shoulders of those who came before me.

I will never know what is was like to play Eve when stations could be destroyed, when you could put other players in your cargo hold, all ships were T1, battleships were the largest ship you could fly, or Band of Brothers ruled null sec with an iron grip.

Of course, time does not stand still, and new players today will have missed many of the experiences that I take for granted. They will never know what was like to play before tiericide, T3 destroyers, or microjump drives, or while off grid boosting was still possible.

And soon, they won't ever have needed to bash a POS.

Player owned stations are on the way out. CCP has said so explicitly, and that's probably a good thing, overall. But it will mark the end of another epoch in Eve.

Having taken player owned stations for granted for all of my Eve career, I did not want to miss their passing. Accordingly, I spent Saturday solo bashing a POS.

It was a long, boring process, but I'm really glad I did it. That experience binds me to all those other players who, over the many long years, have had to clear out POSes from their patch of space.

I also have a project in mind - which I will probably post more on in the future - that will have me put up a POS, at least for a while. That's another experience I want to have before its gone forever.

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