Friday, 28 October 2016

Just plexin'

For the last few days I've been using my limited play time to run plexes. I'm slowly turning the LP into ISK, mostly through laser crystals. Not the most efficient items, although they are quite good, but I'm a firm believer in dealing in what you know.

I'm getting fights, such as this Firetail, and this Tristan, but I'm well into the Tormentor groove and, frankly, it's not a high player skill ship to fly: you hit 'keep at range', overheat your mods, and pulse your SAAR as needed. Perfect for someone like me, but not terribly interesting to read about.

Only if things go wrong do you need to deviate from this plan, and that has happened to me a few times. If you know a kiting ship is hitting the beacon, you want to use 'approach', rather than 'keep at range', or they can coast out of scram range on the back of that first mwd pulse. Some ships, though, could be either brawlers or kiters, and since it is generally worse for my fit to be too close to a brawler than too far from a kiter, I tend to default to 'keep at range' in the face of the unknown.

That means that a handful of times over the last few days I've been kited by Executioners, Tristans and other flexible ships. I can't catch them, but I can still fight them. I recall the Hobgoblins and launch the Warriors, and I switch out Multifrequency for Aurora. Without having to make the sacrifices that kiters make, I'm generally out-damaging them at their chosen range (thanks to the drones, even ewar won't keep them perfectly safe), and I have a much better tank. They tend to warp off as soon as they figure that out.

Recent events have given me some goals for the not to distant future, and I want to create an ISK buffer to allow for this new project. So while I will still be 'out and about', I expect I'll be doing more plexing than roaming.

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