Monday, 3 October 2016

24th Imperial Crusade

I've spent the last week away, and that has meant that I couldn't play Eve. That has not meant that I couldn't spend time thinking about Eve. And I did a lot of that.

Faction warfare is something I've never really done, outside of accidentally signing up as a noob. But with the Purity of the Throne event, followed by the Coronation of Empress Cadiz I, I decided it was time to do my patriotic duty and fight for the Ammarian people.

All right, the idea of trying something new, and being able to shoot at people without lowering my sec status, might have had a certain appeal. I also recognize that a game like Eve is much better when played as part of a community. Perhaps I will find some of that community in the militia.

So I am now based in Gammel. I would have liked to have based in low sec, but after the summer blitz, Amarr does not have any secure low sec staging areas. Gammel is good because it has two stations in system, making the stations harder to camp, and two low sec entrances, making the gates harder to camp. Both systems are fairly quiet, which suits me as I learn the ropes.

It's a little bit out of the way, being nine jumps or so from Amarr, but that is the price I pay for a quieter system. Being able to pronounce the system name is just a bonus.

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