Wednesday, 5 October 2016


This blog went private recently, because I needed to do some admin. Just as I've forgotten how to play Eve, I've also forgotten how to blog.

One of the most important rules about blogging is to talk about what you've done, not what you intend to do. The reason is fairly straightforward: people change their minds.

On the whole, this is a good thing. We try something, and if we don't get the result we wanted, we try something else. But reading about changes in direction can be confusing, especially when you only get the highlights, and not the experiences that led to a particular decision. Or when the blogger goes back and forth on a particular idea or topic.

So, a little cleanup was in order.

Alright then, what has happened?

Over the last few weeks? Mostly bad stuff, honestly. I've lost far more ships than I've destroyed. I managed to CONCORD myself by attacking someone in high sec (I learned about green/yellow/red safety options that day). I decided to experiment with decent implants, something I've never done before, and lost them within 24 hours. 


The first time was when my pod was dropped 1000m from the docking perimeter of a station being camped by Minmatar militia (you'd think that Amarr Prime would do something about that, but no), and the second time was when I was trying to warp out after a close fight with a Tormentor, and hit the 'enter planetary mode' button that looks just like the 'warp and jump' button, and sits in exactly the same place.

I consider my surfeit of luck in destroying the Astero fully paid up.

The common theme, though, is that I failed to respect the game. Sure, I knew that I was a little rusty, and a little older, and I knew that there had been some changes to New Eden. But, y'know, I had this. This was my game.

Hubris. And I've paid the price. I'm now space poor, clawing my way back up. And that's fine. That's probably as it should be. I can get back on top, as long as I respect the game.

It's just going to take a while.

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