Saturday, 27 October 2012

Tuskers & Alpha Volley Union v Various

The above videos were taken by someone with a far better computer than mine, and so are of pretty decent quality. This was a mixed Tusker and Alpha Volley Union black ops fleet, and we bridged around Gallente low sec, causing mayhem.

I was flying a Purifier (although I'm also tempted to fit up a Manticore), with a TD in the mids. I started out with a TP, but switched up when only one other person had brought a TD. This also made sense, in hindsight, as I have the bare minimum points in Target Painters, whereas my Tracking Disruptor skills are maxed out.

I won't go into any detail regarding the fights - it's all right there, after all, and a black ops gank pretty much only goes one way, when it goes right. Instead, I shall say that the roam was loads of fun, and I look forward to the next time we organize something similar. I enjoyed finally putting all my Torpedo skills to good use.

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