Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Arbitrator 03.01

Corp Roam

The weekend started with a corp roam; I've not flown with the corp recently, so I was really looking forward to getting out and about with "the guys". The theme was shield AFs, which meant I was flying a Hawk for the very first time. Good times were all but guaranteed.

I won't bore you with the fit, except to say it was mwd fit with two webs. I LOVED the new rocket animations, and loved the speed an mwd gave me. Thus inspired, I spent some time on EFT putting together a Vengeance mwd fit that I'll try out after the changes to missiles come through. I also look forward to revisiting my Malediction (probably my favorite hull in the game, honestly).

The roam, though, was a lot of fun. The gang - about a dozen pilots - scored a few kills, including a budget Tengu. We then all died gloriously after running into a massive TEST gang coming back from a "real fight" somewhere else. Nobody was bothered, though, as the fleet op had been advertised as a crash and burn job (keep going until we are destroyed) and it was getting late. I'd even named my Hawk "Born to Burn", in expectation of it's demise.

It's good to fly with friends.

Arbitrator Roam

The next day, inspired by our long roam through null sec, I broke out my OGLE map, and went on a long, long roam in my Arbitrator. 50+ jumps. It felt really good to be out and about again, as my recent roams (barring the corp roam) had all been quite close to home.

Sadly, though, the roam was a bust. I missed no less than a half a dozen frigates that I would have caught with a long point, as well as an Osprey ratting in a belt. By the time I got back to Hevrice, I was so wound up with frustration I just logged off in disgust.

But not before ripping out my scram and putting a warp disruptor in its place.

Hopefully, next weekend I actually catch something in my Arbitrator.

Looking forward

My training is being pulled in different directions right now. I want to train shields for the shield Arby I want to try (and later the buffed Caracal), I want to train Assault Missiles for my Drake and one-day-Sacrilege, and I want to train turrets because, um... well, everyone else seems to like them.

Hmm. Looking back at the above, I'm pretty sure I know what skill set is going to draw the short straw.

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