Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Vengeance v Navitas & Navitas

The hunt:

I don't know if they were together. And I don't know what they thought they were doing. All I know is that two new players in Navitas jumped into Hevrice and started bouncing around the asteroid belts.

Not wanting to waste an opportunity (and my play time has been very limited lately), I jumped in on one of them, and quickly reduced his ship to atoms. I snagged the pod, and invited him to the Tusker ransom channel.

Because he was new, all I asked for was a joke. While he hummed and hawed over this, the second Navitas jumped in on top of me! I wondered if he was coming to help his friend, but he mostly seemed to be spectating. I really wanted to pod the capsule and catch the second ship, but I was trying to be nice to a noob. Eventually the Navitas jumped out.

The pilot in the pod finally decides that he does not know any jokes, although he apparently feels that his life is a joke. Perhaps this was a cry for help, but I'm not Dr Phil. I podded him.

To my amazement, the second Navitas is still in system, and I narrowed him down to a belt. Again, I jumped in and quickly turned his ship into scrap. Pointing the capsule, I inviteed him to ransom chat and offered him his freedom for a joke.

For the first time, I actually get taken up on this offer! His joke was as follows:

A blind man walks into a bar. He sits down at the bar and starts up a conversation with the guy on his left. While they are chatting, the blind man offers to tell a blonde joke.

The guy he's talking to says "Buddy, you don't know where you are. The two girls to your right are blonde. The bartender is blonde. I'm blonde. Are you sure you want to tell this joke?"

"Well, no" says the blind man, "Not if I'm going to have to tell it twice."

I lol'd.

We chatted for a little bit; he seemed to be taking his loss much better than the earlier pilot, and I encouraged him to stick with the game, and stay in highsec for a little while longer while he found his feet. Then I let him go.


No real learning points here, just a story that I found amusing, and a ransom joke to share with everyone.


  1. Hi Taurean,

    I've been reading your blog with great interest and am seriously considering to buy a pack of Punishers myself to get the hang of PvP in Eve. In your posts I've seen "radial velocity" and "tracking speed" mentioned several times and how that would translate into optimal orbit. I've set up the radial velocity in my overview, but as yet I have not seen explained anywhere how to compare it to tracking speed. Radial velocity is given in m/s, while tracking speed on the weapons is in rad/sec. Do you know where I might be able to find this out? If you would know the location of a good guide for missile/rockets, I would be most grateful as well.

    Many thanks.

  2. Well, I'm not in New Eden right now, and I've not had radial velocity on my overview since I switched to rockets, so I'm going from memory.

    That said, radial velocity, by definition, is measured in rads/sec (or some equivalent of that, such as degrees per unit time, etc). There is no other way to measure it, because it is a measure of the changing angle between two points relative to a reference point.

    However transversal velocity IS measured in m/s, because it is a measure of perpendicular speed (relative to you). That number is relatively useless, so you don't want that on your overview; make sure you have radial velocity and not transversal selected - both are available from the overview settings. They are often used interchangably, but they are not in fact the same.

    Once you have radial velocity selected, it's simply a matter of comparing one number to another. It's not totally accurate, as your overview actually offers a series of snapshots rather than real time information, and radial velocity can vary wildly over very short periods of time. However, by paying attention to the average value, you can get a feel for how closely you are riding your tracking.

    As for missiles/rockets, FNG has a great intro here:

  3. Try selecting "angular velocity" in the overview, iirc.

  4. Angular velocity was definitely what Rhaldur was looking for. It displays in Rads/Sec and can be compared directly to the tracking attribute of turrets. Radial velocity is something else entirely, measured in m/s it gives you the speed at which objects are approaching/retreating from you, which can be useful for entirely different reasons. All this makes me want to do a post on overview settings in, thanks for that Rhaldur.