Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Vengeance v Catalyst & Station Guns

The "hunt":

This whole episode was stupid, really. I saw a noob Catalyst on D-scan at a station, and I wondered if I could take him under the station guns.

The answer was "no", not because he was doing any significant damage to me (he wasn't), but because I could not break his tank in time. I left getting out a little too late, and a wrecking shot from the station guns finished me off as I entered warp.

2011.07.24 09:42:00

Victim: Taurean Eltanin
Corp: The Tuskers
Alliance: NONE
Faction: NONE
Destroyed: Vengeance
System: Ouelletta
Security: 0.4
Damage Taken: 2809

Involved parties:

Name: Fenroc Saissore (laid the final blow)
Security: 0.0
Corp: Center for Advanced Studies
Alliance: NONE
Faction: NONE
Ship: Catalyst
Weapon: Catalyst
Damage Done: 29

Name: Gallente Sentry Gun / Federal Defence Union
Damage Done: 2780

Destroyed items:

Small Capacitor Control Circuit I
Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II
Small Anti-Thermic Pump I
Foxfire Rage Rocket, Qty: 41
Rocket Launcher II, Qty: 2
1MN Afterburner II
Phalanx Rage Rocket, Qty: 1000 (Cargo)
Foxfire Javelin Rocket, Qty: 600 (Cargo)
Caldari Navy Phalanx Rocket, Qty: 600 (Cargo)
Thorn Rage Rocket, Qty: 1000 (Cargo)

Dropped items:

Small Armor Repairer II
Damage Control II
Adaptive Nano Plating II
J5b Phased Prototype Warp Scrambler I
Foxfire Rage Rocket, Qty: 123
Rocket Launcher II, Qty: 2
X5 Prototype I Engine Enervator
Caldari Navy Foxfire Rocket, Qty: 600 (Cargo)
Gremlin Javelin Rocket, Qty: 600 (Cargo)
Caldari Navy Gremlin Rocket, Qty: 600 (Cargo)
Gremlin Rage Rocket, Qty: 1000 (Cargo)
Phalanx Javelin Rocket, Qty: 600 (Cargo)
Foxfire Rage Rocket, Qty: 776 (Cargo)
Caldari Navy Thorn Rocket, Qty: 600 (Cargo)


I've got no excuse for this one; I simply pushed my ship further than it could go, for very little reason. The Catalyst was unlikely to drop decent loot, even if I could have stuck around long enough to collect it. I was simply curious, and that's no way to run a business.

To make matters worse, I stayed in the fight far longer than I should have. It was obviously beyond me, but I kept at it because I assumed that getting out would be easy. I would have been right, too, if not for the wrecking shot.

A stupid move that cost me about 13 million ISK and cut a massive chunk out of my profits for July.



  1. Hey now, no moving in on my territory. According to our tag lines, you're supposed to be Journeying, I'm supposed to be Failing. I'm sure you'll be back to killing stuff in no time and you can just leave the dying in embarrassing ways bit to me.

  2. Tough loss man, but I am sure you will make it up in short order.

    So I have been following your blog for little bit now. In fact you got me to reactivate my account. Last night I got my first two kills since being away for well over a year. Snagged a Dramiel and Coercer with my old mentor. But quick question as I have never done PvP as a business. Do you sell the loot or save it for fitting other ships that you might or might not fly? The question might seem obvious but I am asking from a business perspective.


  3. A really good question, MG.

    One of the advantages of flying a single ship is that it's very easy for me to tell if a dropped module is one that I am likely to use. If it's not part of my standard fit, though, I sell it.

    While it is tempting to tuck some pieces away for a future event that may (or may not) happen, the reality is that I need ISK in the now more than I need it in the future.

    Welcome back to Eve, by the way, and 'grats on your kills. I still haven't managed to get onto a Dram killmail.

  4. lol, guess we won't be repeating that one anytime soon!

  5. I wouldn't get that overly concerned with bottom line profits. This is supposed to be a game after all, and trying to do things you're not sure of is part of the fun of it. If you always stuck to things you know would always be a certain profit, then the game becomes boring.

    Drawing up the accounts is an interesting endeavour , but I wouldn't let it be the driver of all your pvp choices. Finding and pushing limits makes some of the greatest stories and experiences in this game.

  6. Its unfortunate but everyone does something like that, the worst one is when your in a ship that has high dps but low tank and you try it on a cyno kestrel, miss some shots then have to warp cause of guns. The smack the cyno pilot gives is soo embarrassing.