Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Capacitor Issues


I'm going to be looking at a number of high end Vengeance fits in a later post, but before I did that, I wanted to look at capacitor regen in more detail. I want to understand what is, and is not, possible under any number of energy neutralizers.

The tool

First, I tracked down an excel spreadsheet that calculates capacitor regeneration, tick by tick. Winzip or something similar is necessary to decompress the file.

The spreadsheet produces a set of pretty graphs, but what I wanted was the table on the left, which shows capacitor at different units of time. Since medium neuts have a cycle time of 12 seconds, and small neuts have a cycle time of 6 seconds, these are the times I focused on. I also looked at the capacitor at 3 seconds, as this is the relevant interval for two perfectly staggered small neuts.

Vanilla Vengeance

First, I looked at the base capacitor recharge for a Vengeance with perfect skills. I therefore entered the following into the spreadsheet cells:

Capacity = 375*1.25

This value (468.75 GJ) is the max capacitor of a Vengeance with Energy Management V.

Recharge time = 187.5*(1-.25)*(1-.25)

This value (105.47 seconds) is one I am less certain of. It is supposed to be the recharge time of a Vengeance with Assault Ships V and Energy Systems Operation V, but if I've entered the values incorrectly, please say so. The wording on the skills is confusing, and of course their are sometimes stacking penalties.

Based on the above, however, capacitor at any given time, C(t), is as follows:

C(3) = 8.2 GJ
C(6) = 28.7 GJ
C(12) = 88.2 GJ

This tells me that the only module I can't activate under double small neuts (the worst case scenario) is my armor repair system, which has an activation cost of 40 GJ (45 GJ for some faction reppers). In addition to being the most expensive module to activate, it also has no skills that reduce the activation cost.

However, the repair system runs just fine under a single medium neut, although it takes 8 seconds for me to regen the necessary 40GJ, so I may find my rep cycles significantly delayed, depending on the timing of the two modules.

Cap enhanced Vengeance

I also wanted to take a look at how a Vengeance with a single Small Capacitor Control Circuit II fared, so I changed the recharge time as follows:

Recharge time = 187.5*(1-.25)*(1-.25)*(1-.2)

This value (84.38 seconds) yields the following C(t):

C(3) = 12.4 GJ
C(6) = 42.0 GJ
C(12) = 121.4 GJ

So, if I'm prepared to forgo a dps rig, I can run a repair system under a single small or medium neut. Two small neuts still shuts me down, though.

Food for thought, and something for me to keep in mind when I am evaluating fits.


  1. You should factor in the fact that your scram/AB drains your cap before you decide that you can pull off a armor rep cycle. (which you cannot do under a medium neut without having your AB drop for a short time) :)

  2. I agree with foksieloy (thats actually fairly difficult to spell), you need to factor in the scram/web etc. before the repper. Some fights losing the web or ab are more likely to result in death whether you get a rep cycle off.

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  3. Tools like EFT and EVEHQ will take into account your skills with the ship and mods to calculate what your cap and recharge is.

    For a long time I was a strong follower of running an active tank and being completely cap stable. I have recently been trying out pure buffer tanks. Scary as hell but pretty fun.