Tuesday, 1 March 2011

War dec fail.

As a parting shot at my old Tash-Murkon stomping grounds I decided that I would try war dec'ing a local mining corp, so I set up a one-man corporation and declared war.

The results were disappointing.

I had chosen a smallish corp with about 8 members (although I only ever saw four or so regularly). The CEO was several years old, although his bio suggested that he had been sold to a newer player at some point. I had chosen this particular corp because they seemed game to challenge can-flippers; they often gave their cans creative (and supposedly clever) names that taunted and insulted pirates.

I was not terribly serious about the war; I certainly did not expect to make money out of it. But if I got a couple of good fights to write about I would have been happy, so I noted the names of regular players along with their play time. I'm glad that I did this, or I would not have been able to spot what happened next.

So how did this supposedly 8 man corp of moderately experienced players react to being war dec'd by a one man corp lead by a noob? They ran like school girls, which is ironic, given that one of their favourite insults for pirates is their supposed youth (according to this corp, pirates are all 12 year olds craving attention because their parents don't love them).

Sure, their corp numbers have barely changed, but the regular players are all in a new corp, while the CEO lives in a station with a load of alts (same name, but with increasing numbers).

What a cowardly crew.

Not terribly impressed with the war dec system - I had to wait 48 hours before the war went active. If I were to try again I would choose a much larger corp; more chance to find a pilot willing to actually engage in combat.

So far, however, Molden Heath seems to offer plenty of fights, so I am unlikely to bother.

PS. A family member has gone into hospital, so I am taking a few days off work to help look after things. This will probably mean that I am not very active on Eve for the next few days, and any blog posts will reflect that. Thank you for bearing with me.

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  1. You've discovered what most war dec'ers do, that most corps will just disperse till the war is over. It's an unfortunate factor that most people who live in high sec don't want to PVP, they just want to grind missions/mine so they can do more of the same. If you are lucky you can find some of the corps that are actually willing to fight and some good fun can come of it, unfortunately Mining Corps usually aren't part of this group.

    If you do get bored of low sec or Molden Heath then consider joining us in Red Vs Blue. Lots of PVP every day with small gangs of T1 frigs/cruisers and arranged 1v1s. We also have a few war decs right now, including The Orphanage, so we aren't short of people to shoot at.