Monday, 6 February 2017

Training alts efficiently

Typically, I like to start each week with a fight analysis. However, as this post as somewhat time sensitive, it's jumped the queue.

As I mentioned in a previous post, my alts have very poor skills, with less than a million skill points each. Most of that is in PI.

That's enough for them to turn a profit, but it would be very convenient if they could do a few other things. Some lost Epithals would have escaped destruction with decent navigation skills. PI skills could be improved a little. Being able to sit in an interceptor would make getting them around a little easier. Better scanning skills are always welcome in w-space. And being able to fly a Blockade Runner would allow me to anchor a citadel.

So I'd like to invest in some better skills for my alts, but the question is whether it is better to buy skill injectors, or buy them training time via PLEX. In a lot of ways, this is similar to the Cerebral Accelerator question. So let's math it out.

Without a neural remap (and we are training a hodgepodge of skills, so I'm not going to worry about that), a clone with no implants generates 30 skill points per minute, or 1,296,000 over the 30 days of training that one PLEX will get you.

Alternatively, one skill injector gives an alt with less than 5 million skill points, an additional 500,000 skill points. This makes one PLEX worth 2.59 skill injectors from the point of view of training efficiency. That same PLEX becomes worth progressively more if you i) include a remap, ii) have training implants, or iii) have more than 5 million skill points.

Since PLEX currently (and typically) costs only 1.58 times as much as a skill injector, it is never worth purchasing a skill injector for a pilot unless training time is a factor.

And that's not actually the result I was expecting when I started working on this problem. Apparently, skill injectors are for the impatient, and pilots that need to be able to fly a specific doctrine now because of an ongoing war or pending tournament.

Why is this time sensitive? Because the current CCP game time offer - expiring on February 8th, 2017 - is free multi-character training when you purhase a multi-month subscription.

Having seen how much more effective time training is than skill injectors, I've purchased a one-off three month subscription so that I can give each of my alts two weeks of training, amplified by some cheap +3 implants. Not only did I save money on my subscription (I was on a one month subscription previously), but I've effectively gained a free PLEX, divided between my two alts. Not bad.

This gives me game time up until the end of May. The challenge, then, is to be in a position to maintain Omega status from that point via PLEX bought with ISK.

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