Thursday, 9 February 2017

Tavern Talk

As I roam through New Eden, there are any number of little things that I find interesting, but which don't really merit a post of their own. These sorts of topics are the kind of thing that I imagine pirates might chat about over a pint at their local space tavern between comparing fits and bragging about killmails.

Timing is everything

It's funny how being decisive is often its own reward. Since diving in and changing my PI setup, I've had nearly a full week of constant connections. Some of these connections have been VERY active, and I've been glad of the ability to run my PI without venturing out of the POS each day.

New Eden is BIG

One of the joys of living out of a wormhole is that I am constantly taken to new places. As far as I can remember, I had never before been to Khanid, or Aridia. Both are beautiful in the way that Amarr space tends to be; all golds and browns, with elegant jump-gates and stations.

Khanid is system after system of empty space, and is probably perfect for anyone looking to set up in remote low sec. Aridia, on the other hand, seems to have one perma-docked player in each system, like some kind of neighborhood watch.

It makes you appreciate just how vast New Eden is, and how many little communities there are that you never hear about in the way that you hear about faction warfare or the null sec blocs. There are still so many places that I've never been.

Future plans

Large Energy Turrets V finishes up this week. Next up is Amarr Industrial V, which will allow me to fly a blockade runner. It's about a two week train, and after that I will have the ability to safely move an Astrahus into Vanaheim, should I wish to do so.

Right now, I do wish to do so. But three weeks is a long time in Eve. We'll see. And I'm still torn about what to train after that.


Ratting is not working. I feel that it is important to keep my sec status up, at least in the short term, but I'm not flying a ship capable of efficient ratting. It's more something to do while waiting out criminal status before jumping into high sec.

So I've bitten the bullet and purchased some Negotiator Tags. I'll just have to pay for improved high sec access, and consider it another operating cost.

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