Tuesday, 28 February 2017

The value of intel

So I was bouncing around Placid - which is an ironic name for a FW region - when I spotted a Merlin at a large FW 'plex. 

These 'plexes don't have acceleration gates, although they do have a massive decloaking radius around the beacon. However, if the geometry favours you, you can warp in at range, and work out where to warp in from to land right on top of the ship in the 'plex. Which is what I did here.

I land on the Merlin, who seems half asleep, and because I've dropped cloak mid warp, I'm able to point him right away. I launch my drones and... nothing. He warps out.

'Warpstabs :(', I type in local.

'Yes! :))', is the reply.

Now, I could have refitted to double scrams, but he was alert now, and frankly, the kill did not seem worth my time. So I move on.

But it turns out that another pilot in the system I just left, one Alice P Liddell, was also in an Astero. And Alice also believes that carrying a second scram is a good use of her cargo capacity. So when she learned from local chat that the Merlin on D-scan was warp stabbed, she made good use of that second scram to make sure that when she jumped in on him, he didn't get away!

And because the Merlin had not had a session change, I get in on the killmail too. I like to think that, despite being in a different system, I still contributed.

The pod, of course, belonged to her alone.

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