Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Well that didn't take long

Following up on my post yesterday, I went out and injected about 50 million ISK worth of skillbooks. It's probably money well spent, and as I grind away at these skills over the next however many weeks, I will become a much more flexible pilot.

I also bought a Pilgrim, but it didn't get far.

I only have a single account, so I can't scout for myself. I did, however, check Dotlan activity levels, and on the way in to the market, the system was clear. By the time I was heading back, though, there was a insta-lock camp.

And they were good. They even got my pod.

I should probably be more bothered by this, but after the level of damage I helped inflict over the weekend, I can't really blame other people for wanting my comparatively modest killmail. Sometimes the hunter, sometimes the hunted and all that.

So, I'm now sitting at just over 20 mil ISK. I have a few frigates lying around, but nothing too useful for grinding cash. I think I have a fair amount of pve in my near future, as I get myself back on my feet. Again.

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