Wednesday, 16 November 2016

My first cloaky kills

This last Sunday I logged on to find that one of my corp mates, while looking for a decent high sec exit, had scanned down a number of systems, creating corp bookmarks for each cosmic anomaly.

One of these systems was a C3 with a high sec static. C1-3 wormholes with high sec statics are great places to hunt because they get a lot of traffic (relatively speaking), and as the relic/data sites have no sleeper rats, many of these visitors are not fit for combat.

So, undocking my Astero, I settled in for a morning of semi-afk pvp.

I created pounces off each of the data (there were no relic sites in the system) sites, and settled into a safe spot where I could see them all on D-scan while sitting under my cloak. I then went about my day, stopping by to check my D-scan every so often. I was unlikely to catch every possible target this way, but it was certainly low effort.

My first visitors were an Imicus and a Heron. I don't know if it was one player dual boxing, or if it was actually two players. Warping into the site, I saw the Heron at a data can, while the Imicus lingered about 15 km off. I bookmarked the can, and bounced off a celestial to warp in on top of him.

I dropped cloak as my warp finished; I wanted to be able to target as soon as I hit grid. I landed a scram, but the Heron slipped away - presumably he was packing warp stabs.

I then turned and burned towards the Imicus, who had been slow to react. I landed tackle, and set my drones on him. He went down fast, but I missed the pod as my afterburner carried me too far away, and I was slow to kill my momentum.

After the fight, I used my mobile depot to trade my web for a second scram. I didn't want to lose another target to warp stabs.

Later, I missed a Heron who's idea of probing was to sit uncloaked, but with prop mod running, at a celestial. I had to work hard to get a warp in point ahead of him (I couldn't catch him without dropping my cloak, and I doubted that he was that distracted), but as he closed to within about 20km he clearly found whatever it was he was looking for, and warped off.

There was also an Anathema who decided that data sites were beneath him, and so left the system without giving me an opening.

Finally, I managed to catch an Astero; this time I did not bother with the afterburner, and I was able to snag the pod as well.

All in all, it was a decent way to get some kills while being semi afk. I doubt this will become my regular hunting style, but as the bookmarks were already in place, it seemed a shame not to use them!

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