Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Back in red and gold

In a move that will probably surprise no one, I have rejoined the Tuskers.

After winning the Alliance Tournament, Suleiman (our CEO) was interviewed by CZ. As part of that interview, he explained that the Tuskers had moved into a wormhole following the Citadel expansion.

So that's why there was nobody left in Hevrice.

This is actually a clever solution to a problem that plagues many pvp corporations - overfarming. Pvp corps naturally hunt around where they are based. If the corp is a strong one, winning most of their fights, the locals start docking up or otherwise avoiding fights that they expect they will lose. This forces the pvp corp to look farther and farther afield to find good fights.

In the past, corps would try to deal with these problems by going on 'campaigns' - essentially relocating to another area for a short period. When I first joined the Tuskers they were on campaign in Molden Heath, for example. I understand that other corps have joined faction warfare for short periods, for similar reasons.

All this does, though, is restart the overfarming cycle. Eventually, the new location becomes just as difficult to roam is the home base, with the added disadvantage that you don't have access to many of your accumulated assets.

A wormhole with a static leading to low sec or null sec, however, provides access to constantly shifting hunting grounds, avoiding the overfarming issue. In the past, the logistical challenges of living in wormhole space have made this solution unattractive to most corps. Clearly, the Tuskers feel that the introduction of citadels have changed all that.

Hence my interest in the Astero.

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