Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Planning a road trip

There's not been much news here since being away on holiday, although there is another training session video to analyze soon. However, that's not to say I've not been doing anything, because I've actually been quite busy.

Recently, I've felt in a bit of a rut with EvE. I mostly fly the same ships through the same systems, and my heart just hasn't been in it. So I've decided to shake things up with a road trip. A long road trip.

I want to travel high sec again, and reach those low sec pockets I used to roam as a young pilot. I want to delve into null sec, and explore wormholes. All of this would be far easier if my sec status were not in Satan's basement, so I'm currently out in null sec, in a bomber, ratting up my sec status and getting to know null in a way I never have before. It's actually been quite fun, and I look forward to coming back in something bigger once I have sufficient bookmarks to survive the experience.

I'm also liquidating my back-stock of ships. By turning this into ISK, I can travel a little lighter, picking up what I need as I go, without the need for a base. The occasional corp op will still be on the menu (thank you, jump clones), and so will the occasional training session. Otherwise, it's the road for me, and whatever pvp I find along the way.

Right now, a bomber is perfect for exploring null sec and making bookmarks (gate safes being the most important) while I rat up my sec status. I could switch to a pvp bomber later, I suppose, but with Recons V, I'm wondering if the Pilgrim wouldn't be a better choice. I want to be able to kill stuff, but also evade gate camps, which probably means a standard BC is out.

So, I guess I'd better start working on a fit...


  1. I have a complete set of bookmarks for Vale and Detorid if you're interested. Delve is a bit spotty, but mostly centered around 1dh- . I should still have a good number for Querious and Catch as well. If you would like bookmarks for a particular region, let me know.

    The bookmarks in question are almost all tacticals/pounces on stargates.

  2. At one point the Pilgrim was regarded as one of the best (if not the best) solo recons in the game, but it seems to have fallen by the wayside recently. The issue is a combination of the Pilgrim not receiving the Curse's neut bonus (meaning you basically have to be within brawling range to make full use of your ship), recons not being terribly tanky in the grand scheme of what you'll probably be fighting against, and likewise not having exceptional DPS for their size (especially the Pilgrim due to drones).

    That said, I know a fair number of people who have had good experiences doing sneaky things like going on bombing runs in the middle of nullsec to pop unsuspecting frigates and ratters, as well as more "traditional" solo PVP in same. (I think Truen1ight was one of the former, in fact, if I remember the blogs right.)

  3. Talos, end of story.

  4. A road trip is nice. :) Good luck on your plans and share your experience to us soon.