Monday, 4 April 2011

The Tuskers are recruiting

I've wanted to join the Tuskers since before I had even started playing Eve.

You see, I'm a Mac user, which means that my online gaming has been rather limited - Blizzard titles, mostly. Although Eve runs on Mac, that's a fairly new development, and it only works on certain (ie, new) Macs, and my trusty laptop, being old but serviceable, did not meet the system requirements. As a result, I although I had heard of Eve, I had never seriously considered playing it.

However, this Christmas I decided it was time for a new computer - after 6 or so years of loyal service my laptop was retired into playing CBeebies for the children.

This suddenly opened up my gaming options. I'd never been a huge WoW fan, and I had quit several times; I'd come back for an expansion, level up, and then find end-game really boring. A change might be nice, so I started looking around for alternatives. That's when I found the Tuskers.

It was their blogs that made me want to play Eve. I was impressed with their professionalism, their fights and their camaraderie. I was impressed that CCP had created a game so complex and nuanced that it allowed such groups to exist, and such exploits to occur. I knew that I wanted to pvp in New Eden, and I knew I wanted to pvp with the Tuskers.

Of course, that's easier said than done.

The Tuskers are elite because they have high standards, and before I can even apply to join I have to meet their entry requirements. The first requirement is to have ten million skill points. The second is to have five solo kills, two of which are above class.

The skill points are something that come with time. Based on my past rate of skill point accumulation, I ought to hit ten million some time in August/September. It's a frustrating wait, but I understand the requirement. I'm at around four and a half million and I have not even maxed out a frigate yet. That would seem like a very basic requirement for anyone serious about pvp.

The other requirement, five solo kills with two above class, also makes sense, but it's a requirement that I won't automatically pass with time. And right now, above class kills seem a really long way off.

Still, it's a challenge I am determined to meet. This is partly why I have been so dead set on learning pvp on my own. The Tuskers want solo viable players, and joining another corp in the interim might get me kills, but it won't teach me how to solo.

Why is all this relevant? Because the Tuskers are recruiting. And if they are recruiting now, they may well have decided they are full by August/September.

Hold a spot for me guys. I'm on my way.


  1. Good luck with joining Tuskers, they are a great bunch of guys and I've had a few fights with their members (and will almost certainly again in the future).

    Getting above class kills can be a little tough but sometimes you just get lucky and manage to get that little bit extra damage in a fight that was almost certainly lost. I know I've fought Sabres in frigates and should have lost at least once but pilot error saved me once (he had Phased Plasma loaded and I was flying an Ishkur so he hit my highest resists).

    As you get more solo kills you'll find you get more confident in the ships you fly and are able to go for bigger targets.

  2. Good luck with your application. Getting those solo kills can appear daunting but one of the nice things about The Tuskers is that they will help and guide you through the process rather than just straight reject you for not having them. My time flying with the TSKRS ticker was definitely one of the most enjoyable I've had.

  3. Looking forward to your app.

    Rest assured, you won't necessarily need 10m SP. With your attitude, we'd probably even consider you well below that.

    Concerning those kills: "above class" doesn't mean that your target must be prepared or capable to kill you, like ratting/mission (battle)cruisers etc.

  4. Just noticed this post, I'm assuming you read it off my blog (same image URL). Just for clarification (as Jaxley correctly states), the 10M skillpoints is not a hard requirement. It's there so we feel you can contribute to our fleets - if you can do that in a frigate with 5M skillpoints, we'll accept you (as long as you pass the other requirements ofcourse).

    As for being elite, we certainly don't think ourselves as such. Active roamers yes, elite no. We're simply too willing to take bait and are far too casual.

    Therefore, I suggest applying once you get the 5 solo kills and see what happens. With some luck, I might be processing your application in the new future!

    P.S. If you need hints and tips, join our public channel - "The Tuskers Public Channel", we'll be more than willing to give you a hand, as will our guests who frequent it - ex-Tuskers and friends alike.

  5. Also, I've sent some ISK your way for you to pick up some cheap-ish learning implants - they should boost your learning time significantly combined with a remap. As an example, I'm currently training at 2400sp/hour, which is roughly 1.7M skillpoints a month.

  6. Thanks for the encouragement and support, guys. It's very interesting to know that the 10 million sp is a "soft" requirement, so if I'm within a few million of that number I won't let it hold me back.

    Now I just need to focus on those above class kills!

    While work and family commitments will keep me out of New Eden for the next few days, I will visit the Tusker public channel next week.