Friday, 15 April 2011

Movin' on back


I have moved back to Amarr space.

There are a couple of reasons for this, with the most obvious being that despite the fact that I have been spending most of my roaming time in Molden Heath, most all of my kills are coming out of Amarr space. It makes sense to cut out the 40 minute round trip to get more roaming time in.

However, I'm also motivated by competition for radar sites. When I first moved to Molden Heath the systems were all full of profitable exploraton sites, and the region seemed completely unexploited. Recently, though, I have been finding whole pipes completely stripped clean. As someone who only really dabbles to keep himself in cheap ships and fittings, I feel like a woodsman going out to cut some firewood, only to find the forest has been clear-cut.

I think I met the culprit. He was in a Pilgrim, running a radar site that I had scanned down. Not being anything close to a match for him, I moved off immediately. But he may not be my only competitor. And unlike mission running, exploration is a zero sum game; every site that he finds is one less site for me.

So as I said, I've moved back to Amarr space.

The move back was much quicker than the move away, largely because I have far fewer ships to move. I recognise that I will probably be moving again eventually, because none of the reasons I moved away have changed; Amarr lowsec is still a backwater. Once I feel able to hunt in the main river, I'll be off again.

Having seen the east side of the galaxy, and being from the south, my focus has naturally shifted north and west. I will try and get some roams in that head in those directions so that when I make my next move it is a bit more of an informed decision.

But in the mean time, welcome home.


  1. I don't know if you are aware of this, but exploration has been borked for the last week or so. It just got fixed yesterday. Basically the sites would spawn at DT and not re spawn through the day like they are supposed to. Perhaps this was the source of your frustration?

  2. Actually, I was not aware of that. Given that I play 6+ hours after downtime, that could well have been the issue.