Monday, 13 March 2017

Topping up

This week is likely to be a bit light on the pvp side of things. Work had me traveling last week, so mostly I was just logging on to do admin. Still, I did finish training Gallente Frigate V, and I've got a few new things I hope to try in the coming week. They just aren't directly pvp related.

One of my 'challenges' over the weekend was working out what to do with my surplus funds. I have enough for a PLEX (which isn't due until the end of May), and some extra to cover ship losses and the like. but I don't like the idea of much more ISK above and beyond that just sitting there.

As I say in this post, skill points are one of the best possible ways to spend ISK in this game. So, having some excess ISK, I decided to buy a few skill injectors, despite being over 50 million skill points now. I plowed these points back into some pve skills that I would never have the patience to train otherwise, as this will hopefully help me make more ISK, which I can then turn into more skill injectors.

Hopefully, this will become a semi-regular thing. My saved fuel costs alone (from having moved from a POS to an Astrahus) are worth one skill injector per month, and recently my losses have been fairly insignificant compared to my income.

Long may that continue!

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