Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Not quite working

In the past three days, my only kill has been an afk Venture. This is because I've managed to blow about a half a dozen otherwise good kills in a number of very silly ways.

Hunting a Drake in my stealth bomber, I somehow managed to decloak myself - I'm not sure how, as there was nothing near me - but I didn't notice until I started wondering why he was warping out.

And because I'd not bothered to overheat my scrams when entering the system, when I landed right on top of an exploration ship I managed to land my  initial points, only to watch his speed from his first mwd cycle carry him out of range.

And because I'd not seen any signs of warp stabs on his killboard, I didn't bother to refit to a second point when tackling a Procurer, so he just warped away. Now I know why there are no signs of warp stabs on his killboard...

And so on. Silly stuff. Eve is a demanding game, and it is all too easy to lose your edge. In my case, apparently needing to do other things for a week is long enough for the rust to start setting in.

How very frustrating.

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