Monday, 5 September 2016

Everything has changed.

I logged back in for the first time in more than three years. I felt the calling again, and bought a laptop just for Eve, as I've been on tablets exclusively for ages now.

Nothing works, now. My fits don't work, and won't let me leave the hangar. My hotkeys don't work, and I have to press everything manually. My overview doesn't work, and I try and sift through the clutter.

I recognize the system names, but not the names that appear in local. I was kicked from the Tuskers years ago, but I've not seen any of my old shipmates in my journeys, so it is probably just as well. To fly under that banner without my old comrades would be bittersweet.

It adds a sense of loss, though. This is not the continuation of an old story. This is a new story.

Eve is a complicated game, and coming back after such an absence is difficult. I lost a few ships relearning basic skills that I used to take for granted.

But, oh, the rush. The heart pounding excitement of pvp. I was prey, this time, but each time I escaped to go about my business was a victory.

And I won't be prey much longer.

I also came back to a stack of Evemails; far too many to respond to. I want to thank everyone that took the time to write, and hope that you have found what you were looking for in some other part of New Eden.

When I came back to the game, I was broke, with ships that didn't work, and -10 sec status. After a weekend of ratting in bad ships and turning in Security Tags, I'm now -1.9, and no longer barred from high security space.

So I'm moving.

I want to return to my roots, and head back to Amarr space. I intend to sell what little I have, and start over. I'm going to run missions to keep my sec status up, and look for solo pvp where I can. I also want to finish the Sisters of Eve mission arc. Back when I started, Dagan had a 100 dps armor tank, which meant it was impossible to for a new pilot to kill him in a T1 Amarr frigate. Now, we have some unfinished business.

I don't know how often I shall post - I make no promises in that regard - but it's good to be back, despite the changes.

Fly dangerous, my brothers.


  1. Wow, you are back, so great to hear from you. So many years ago. Wow. Hope to read more frequently now. Khardia

  2. Literally just resubbed myself and realised I had absolutely no idea about anything again.