Friday, 1 February 2013

A parting gift

This will probably be my last post in a long while. I'm moving on again, thanks to real life commitments, and although I will miss New Eden and the Tuskers, real life must always take priority.

There are so many interesting things on the horizon, from ship rebalancing to pirate noob ships. I wish my fellow capsuleers well in my absence, and hope I can rejoin them one day future.

In the meantime, however, I have a parting gift. I had saved up about a billion ISK - not much by the standards of many, but easily the most ISK I've ever had at one time. I had expected to use this to fund my road trip, but I now feel it can be put to better use by the Tuskers in their efforts to encourage new players to get into pvp. Accordingly, I've transfered 1 billion ISK to the Tusker Frigate Free For All fund, to help sponsor the next Tusker FFA.

I'd encourage everyone who follows this blog to go to Tusker FFA III (whenever that may be) and blow up a few ships on me. And if you can't make it? Perhaps throw a little money into the Tusker FFA fund to help buy ships for the new players. Consider it an evil EvE University, if you will.

And to pilots all over New Eden... fly dangerous!


  1. This blog inspired me to stop reading and start playing Eve, and to dive straight into PvP, so thanks for all of that. I will try to get to the FFA, and while I hope to see you around again, all the best for the future. Dr Bob

  2. So many friends hanging up the hat of late, every one stings. Best of luck to you in whatever path you choose.

  3. Sorry to hear you're moving on. Your Punisher Plan inspired some of my early PVP attempts (and will again when I get things together again). I enjoyed the last Tusker FFA and will raise a glass of thanks for you when I join the next one.

  4. Hope all goes well and good luck.
    All the best tooth

  5. Sorry to see you go, but I wish you all the best. Your blog inspired me, and no doubt many others, to get out into low-sec and fight, for that I thank you.

  6. I found your blog yesterday, and have been reading it avidly (while engaged in semi afk-mining - lol). I decided to skip to the end to hopefully post something you might see, and I find you are now gone.

    Your work is imo amazingly good for Eve Online and those such as myself, who hope to one day be top solo pvp pilots. Your systematic manner of posting, your honest write-ups, the great deal of relevant information you supply about virtually every encounter, your writing skill, your entire approach have greatly appealed to me, both as being interesting, and as providing hugely valuable and correct information to digest as part of my own goal to become less and less of a pve carebear, and more and more of a pvp pilot. Whether I one day venture into pirating remains to be decided, but with at least one character, it is because of you now likely.

    I am sorry I only recently got into Eve Online, but I am throwing myself into it. I hope it continues for many years yet, and again, I want to thank you for all the time and effort and honesty you put into this. PLEASE leave it up for a long time.

    Best wishes to you, and may your path always be interesting and productive.