Thursday, 16 August 2012

Scheduling some flight time.

Although things have been quiet on this blog, things have not been quiet in real life. That is both good and bad.

Part of the reason I have been so busy is because I have been taking a series of courses after work to drive my career forward. All the studying for exams has left me with little free time, and what time I do have I try to spend on my family.

However, I recently applied for an exemption for my next course (which was due to start in September) because it covers an area of work that I have a great deal of experience with. That exemption was just granted, so I ought to have a little EvE time between mid-September and mid-December.

Not a lot of time, mind you. But some.

See you in space.


  1. I just recently found your blog and read through the entire thing in a couple of days. It is very well written and you've inspired myself and two of my friends to get into PvP.

    Here's what happened tonight thanks to you: First, I went out in a newly fitted Rifter and after some searching through hi sec, I found myself in Embod staring at an Orca with no pilot! In my haste to nab it, I forgot I couldn't fly one. So I let some friends in [PRAX] know about the free candy. Later on, I get 100m ISK as a "finder's fee". I can't believe the luck and still can't stop laughing.

    Later, after dinner, I jumped back in my Rifter and flipped a can in Hek. The Hulk sent it's drones after me and instead of committing to the fight, he kept recalling and launching his drones. This went on for about 2 minutes until his friend, who was also flying a Rifter, showed up. I fought the good fight, but eventually succumbed.

    Afterwards, I convo'd both pilots to wish them a gf. While we were talking, I got the Rifter pilot to agree to another match, without the Hulk's drones. So after fitting out another Rifter, we met up and got started. This time I prevailed!

    The Hulk decided he didn't like it when I looted his friend's wreckage and sent his drones after me again. So since he started it, I felt obliged to respond. I wore down his shield tank quite a bit before I had to warp to my safe spot. I stayed there long enough to allow my shields to regen and I headed back in. The Hulk was still there mining! So I re-engaged. I slowly popped all of his drones and then held him for ransom. The Rifter pilot offered to pay me and I accepted, but instead of ISK, I got a Rifter in my face (which was promptly podded by concord, LOL). I gave the Hulk one last chance to pay up and he did, a cool 200m ISK.

    I think that turned out to be one really fun, and profitable, night. And it's all thanks to you! I look forward to your future posts and perhaps we'll run into each other on the battle field one day.

    - Reimon Jeh

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