Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Fitting an Arbitrator.

Amarr Cruiser V finished this weekend, so I'm now working on drone skills. In the mean time, though, I've been turning my attention to finding an Arbitrator fit that I like.

In my last post I linked to FNG's Arbitrator guide, in which he recommended three basic fits; an ab/scram fit, an mwd/scram fit and an ab/web/scram fit. Each fit had a different purpose, and different strengths and weaknesses.

The first fit is an above class killer. The afterburner keeps the sig radius low, and the scram shuts of the mwd of the battleship/battlecruiser you are targeting. Combined with tracking disruption scripts, they (theoretically) can't hit you, and you beat them down.

My problem with this fit is that it is very, very slow. This affects me in two ways. First, I can forget about trying to evade gate camps - I can neither burn out of tackle range, nor burn back to the gate. I just have to hope there is no camp. Second, I have to land pretty much on top of my target in order to catch them, which means belt ratters and mission runners get a free pass.

Ultimately, not the fit for me, despite my love of above class kills.

The second fit is an on par crusher. Designed to kill other cruisers, the scram shuts down the enemy mwd, while your active tank reps the incoming damage. I like this fit a lot, but any frigate packing a web will have complete control over the range of the engagement. Sure, you're capping them out, but it's easy to squeeze off an afterburner cycle through the neuts if you have decent skills. And there are way more frigates out there than cruisers.

The third fit is a frigate gang killer. Packing a massive buffer tank rather than an active tank, the Arbitrator therefore fits a web in order to completely dominate frigates. Sadly, jumping into a cruiser specifically to kill frigates seems pretty dull to me.

So what do I want?

The above fits have given me a lot to think about. I know I want an mwd, both because I'm an active hunter and because I want to avoid camps. But I also want to keep a broad range of targets open to me. I also prefer active tanks because I go on long roams and dislike docking in unfamiliar stations (assuming they are even available).

My starting point will probably be the second fit, because it seems the most balanced of the three, but I'm definitely going to play around with things.

If I fit nos instead of neuts, can I fit a web rather than a cap booster? Would a disruptor over a scram allow me to engage BC's with range disruption script?

I don't know, but I look forward to finding out. I'll have specific fits planned out before I actually jump into an Arbitrator.


  1. There's a fourth fit, and I know you haven't really considered it because it only works well in a gang. Essentially the fit is 3 TD's, a MWD, a stiff armor tank (passive 1600 plate or 1 rep w/ 800 plate), and whatever else you can fit in the highs. It's a nice alternative to ECM while still providing some force multiplication to your gang.
    If you do plan on eventually roaming in a gang of 3 or more, the 3TD fit could work out really nicely, and probably be far more valuable than the other fits you've already listed out.

  2. Long time reader, first time writer. Really looking forward to read what you find out with the fits form the arbie. I've read the guide from FNG as well, but haven't tried it out before I closed down my account due to a period of unemployment. I'm definately going back some time, but have to stay low to pay the bills :( You are a real inspiration, Tauren. Keep up the good works!

  3. I've really enjoyed reading your blog, so it's great to see you back. I agree with you on the second fit being a great starting place. Just be careful of other armor tanked min and gallente cruisers. Armor ruppies have no trouble fighting curses, let alone an arbi, and I don't imagine that a thorax would have too many problems either.