Wednesday, 15 February 2012

The journey's end.

As some of you will know, I've cancelled my EVE subscription.

My reasons involve real life, rather than any dissatisfaction with New Eden. And for those who worry about that sort of thing, it's not even that anything bad, exactly, has happened in my real life. It's just that my family and I have made some decisions which, although good for us in the long term, mean that I won't be playing EVE in the medium term.

And of course, that means this blog won't be updating any more.

I'm not very good at "goodbyes" (is anyone?), so I'll simply say that it has been an absolute pleasure flying and blogging my way through New Eden, and EVE is easily the greatest MMO I've ever played. I hope, one day, to come back to it.

As people have occasionally found my blog helpful, I shall leave Flight of Dragons running for the time being, but my Starcraft blog will be taken down in due course - there are simply so many other ways to get Starcraft info that nobody is going to miss it.

Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened. ~Theodor Seuss Geisel


  1. Thanks for all the content you have put up over the last year or so, this has been one of my 'must read first' blogs and I'll miss it. o7

  2. Thank you for providing us with a great read on an almost daily basis. I've enjoyed it and learned a lot of new things from it.

    Fly save through real life

  3. Thank you for sharing your EVE experience with all of us through this blog. Best of luck to you and I hope to see you back someday.

  4. it's a huge shame that you're leaving, but I think everyone understands. As others have said, I hope you come back someday (sooner rather than later).

  5. You inspired me (and scores of others like me) to take the leap and buy a stack of frigates and head to low sec to get them blown up. For that, you have my sincere thanks!

    Happy trails!

  6. Good luck in all that you do.


  7. Very sorry to see you go, one of my favorite 'pure pirate' blogs. Thanks for writing and hopefully we'll see you back one day!

  8. Sorry to see you go all the best

  9. Wow, not at all what I expected when I clicked on this bookmark. Good luck to you in all that you do, your bog has been a pleasure to read and I check it every day in anticipation of a new story. Thank you for that and hopefully you will be able to get back to eve later on.

  10. You'll be back Taurean, you'll be back.

    I hope :3

    All the best to you mate; I wish you every success in RL!

  11. Sorry to hear you're hangin' it up; you did some great work on this blog and I always looked forward to reading it. Best of luck.


  12. This has been one of my go to blogs, very sad to see it end.

    Good luck hope to see you back at some point!


  13. Really no one's asked, "Can I have your stuff"

    I'm dissapont :sun:

    N-E-Ways good luck m8m8m8 o7o7o7

  14. This is really sad news! My heart is very low atm.

    You blog was very inspiring for me and drove me into Eve's piracy, which is so much more fun than living a carebear's life.

    Thank you for all your content!

    Hope remains that we will see you back someday. And I am looking forward to this day.

    All the best!

  15. Damn it, your blog was really fun to read. We'll miss you, man.

  16. Thanks for everything, and good luck in real life!


  17. Many people have left EVE and have come back. I have several times. Good luck to you in your adventures. When I make it back into New Eden, I will be sure to still hand our your blog as a resource to new players.

  18. I enjoyed your blog many times: It was great fun to read it an i am very sad that you will leave us.

    Have fun in Real Life....

    greetings from germany...


  19. A sad day indeed, I stop by everyday to see if there has been an update to your blog! Thank you for your efforts and insights, it has inspired some and amused others in equal measure.
    I slaute you as a pilot and a blogger, all the best to you in all that you undertake from here on. May New Eden's systems see your ships at some point in the future.


  20. sorry to hear you're leaving EVE, your blog inspired me to create a pure PVP character and buy a bunch of Rifters, and then join up with some of the best Rifter enthusiasts around (not me, I'm still learning).

    Good luck with real life, hope to see you back here one day o7

  21. Your blog has been a pleasure to read. I've passed it on to many corpmates and others who have shown an interest in PvP. Everyone has enjoyed it.

    If you have a chance, may I make the suggestion that rather than letting your blog dissapear into the ether, scrape it all together into one long pdf and put it up on something like evefiles (I don't know how these things work, but I'm sure someone would host it)? I would refer new pvp pilots to it and I am sure others would too.

    GL with real life.

    Xi 'xar

  22. Sad to see you go,
    It was your blog that got me into reading blogs.
    It was also your early blogging that pushed me over the edge into diving into Piracy and general "Outlaw" status

    Good luck in RL

  23. Another EVE player who has enjoyed your blog immensely.
    Judging by your comments I wasn't the only one.

    Hope to see you back before too long.
    I wish you and your family well in RL. o7

  24. Now what am I going to read at work! LOL
    Best of luck in RL man, it is only a game and hope you had fun. Who know maybe in the future you wil come back.

  25. From a fellow blogster and pod pilot... Kudos and you will be sorely missed.

    I raise a glass in yer name and will asplode many Rifters in yer honor... mebbe mine, mebbe not... =]

    GL bro.

  26. respect bro ! - it was a pleasure reading your blogs

  27. Wow - I can honestly say that your blog has been the only one I have checked or a regular basis - it will be missed.

    Good luck for the future, although may i suggest a whip round to plex your subscription up so you can train all those pesky level 5 skills? I would certainly contribute!

  28. Bloody hell, Taurean, you're going to make me cry. (I'm no good at goodbyes either, and am a wuss to boot.) It's been an absolute pleasure to read your blog and to have had the chance to speak with you; I only wish we'd gotten to fly together more than once.

    All that said, I'm glad to hear that you and your family will benefit from this in the long run. I hope life treats you better than you ever thought possible. If and when you're ready to come back, New Eden will be waiting for you.

  29. sad day indeed m8. it's your accomplishment that I finally joined FW, and love it. your blog deserves it to be shown around to encourage ppl to participate in pvp, which is the essence of EVE.

    and you deserve it to come back. best wishes to you and your family, and thankee for your awesome blog.


  30. Aw man, this was my favorite EVE blog - it's too bad to see you go. I really hope you come back when RL permits it. Have fun man, and thanks for all gf's!

  31. Ill miss reading your stuff. (been slacking lately though)

    And surprisingly, the most wondered question hasnt been asked....

    Can I have your stuff? =P

  32. :(

    I'll miss reading your stuff, you always had great insights into things, made it very fun to read.

    Good luck with the real life stuff~

  33. Schmata Bastanold28 February 2012 at 01:09

    Yeah man, as other frig lovers said, you really inspired quite a few mass rifta burning experiences and thank you for that.

    It would be great to see you back both at blogging and blasting in space but RL is always priority so good luck with carrying on your plans.