Friday, 7 October 2011

Tavern Talk

Devblog 1

I saw Hilmar's devblog, and I have to say that I was pretty impressed. Unlike many older players, New Eden still hold plenty of wonder for me, and I am surrounded by new frontiers.

However, that does not stop me from recognizing that a growing number of veteran players have been unhappy with the way things have been going recently. I'm cautiously optimistic that this devblog represents a real sea change; it can't have been easy for Hilmar to write.

Devblog 2

This devblog hits a little closer to home. A buff to assault ships? Awesome!

Now, there is not much in the way of details there, but I'd like to see a per ship speed buff (rather than a flat increase on all assault ships), and some kind of additional bonus. Perhaps something new, like electronic hardening.

Give assault ships a resistance to ewar; this (along with the speed boost) would make them a solid gang choice for heavy tackle, and make them the go-to choice for frigate pilots wanting to take on above class ships.

Other blogs

Being a blogger, I know that blogs come with some default options regarding reader comments. Usually commenters have to log in with one of a couple of different accounts; which accounts varies depending on the blog host.

Trouble is, I often can't log in (because I don't have an account) or don't want to (I'm on a public computer). There is an option to allow anonymous commenting, but it needs to be switched on. I wish more bloggers would do this; I suspect they would be rewarded with more comments!


I've wanted to get into boosters for a while, but I've been put off by the cost. Synth, I can just about manage, but Standard costs nearly as much as my ship! (edit: I'm told that people are just trying to rip me off, and that a more reasonable price would be a mere 5 million; 25% of my ship's cost) And the skillbook for mitigating side effects is also going for hundreds of millions. Far too costly for a humble pilot, scraping a living from the proceeds of his crimes.

If I ever get into T2 or T3 cruisers, boosters obviously become more worthwhile, but for now I'll stick with the occasional synth exile.


  1. Standard boosters aren't that expensive, I've found. A Standard Exile will put you back around 5mil which in my eyes is worth it as the extra rep amount is incredible.

    Regarding a speed buff for Assault Frigs, I disagree. I feel that the slower AFs have strengths that counter the lack of speed. For example the Vengeance sports an incredible tank for a frigate-sized hull and the Wolf makes up for its sluggishness by means of its horrific damage output compared to other AFs. Buffing AF speed would make ships like this a tad OP in my opinion.

  2. Oh, I forgot to add this:

    I'd much rather see a fourth bonus for Assault Ships. If implemented with thought for how each ship is used I think it could be an impressive buff to AFs across the board without making them game-breaking.

    Also, give my Wolf a third mid ^_^

  3. I would love for the AFs to get a buff against ewar, having been jammed twice in a minute by a Bellicose with mid slot ecm whilst in my Vengeance last night....fucking ecm.

    Wouldn't mind being able to crack out a laser AF that gets a bonus to lasers as well (Retri) an extra mid here or there would help alot of AFs.

    Although I wouldn't like to fight a 3 mid Wolf, they would probably be one of the best AFs if that happened, they have great range and damage already makes dictating range on them a bitch.

  4. I would like to see a large speed boost to ABs for AFs, i know some people fit MWDs but as a heavy tacker ABs are where its at. I have flown T3s for pvp a few times and im always disapointed, unless you fit them super pimp they dont get to amazing of stats.

  5. I think a decent compromise to a straight speed buff would be something like "Assault Ship Skill Bonus: X% reduction to Stasis Webifier effects per level." It would prevent them from simply being faster and potentially making other ships obsolete, while allowing them to fight larger ships inside web/scram range more effectively.

    Not sure how it would work out in game balance, but perhaps just broadening that single boost to be "X% Resistance to Electronic Warfare Effects per level" would net them enhanced speed under webs and a reduced chance of being jammed/damped/TPed/Neuted which would certainly give them a unique role in any gang. Regardless of what they do, I'm glad I have AF V and 3 races cross-trained when it comes.

    PS. I switched my blog to allow Anon comments after reading your post. I wish there was some way for me to make people at least choose the Name/URL option so that I could tell one Anon from another, but I'll see how it goes.

  6. I switched my blog to allow anonymous comments after reading this. Not that my blog post is of the most comment friendly type, but still :)

  7. Just in case anyone thinks I'm out to take other bloggers to task, I was completely clueless about comments until Mara mailed me in game and asked me to change my own comment settings!

  8. I didn't realize the "anonymous" post was defaulted to "no" either. I've turned it on too. Thanks for the info!

  9. I also agree that a speed bonus to af's would be a bit op. If anything, give a bonus to ab per level. E-war resistance sounds interesting though.

    On the subject of extra mid-slots, I was talking with a corp mate yesterday about an idea for high/mid/low slot rigs. T1 rigs would take up 2 rig slots and t2 rigs would take up one(but perhaps only allow one per ship.) Choose the rig you want and an extra slot of your choice. (This would not add turret or launcher hard points.)

  10. Boosterskills arent expensive at all btw, just Science and Biology and you're set.