Friday, 22 July 2011

Tavern talk

As  I roam through New Eden, there are any number of little things that don't fit into the "one fight, one post" format of this blog. These little items of "tavern talk" are the sorts of things that I imagine pirates might chat about over a pint at their local den of iniquity.

Popping cyno ships

I'm still popping cyno ships whenever I get the chance. I  don't write about it, of course, because I've got it down to a pretty solid routine by now.

However, I was "defeated" for the first time, recently. I warped in on the cyno ship in the usual way, and stripped away it's shields. I started into armor, tanking the gate guns as I did so, when the ship was suddenly back at full shields!

For a moment, I wondered if I had burnt out my rockets. After checking that I hadn't, I assumed that Eve must be experiencing a bug of some kind. However, after another moment I realised what had really happened: the carrier had started remote repping the cyno ship.

Even without the station guns, there was no way I could break the cyno ship's "tank", so I warped out and congratulated the carrier pilot on her ingenuity. We both had a good laugh about my initial befuddlement, and the pilot's quick thinking.

In another cyno run, I tried using Rage rockets over faction rockets, and they worked much better. I could easily have taken the pod as well, but I started to warp out through force of habit before noticing that I had barely dipped into armor before destroying the cyno ship.

Next time, though, I'm trying for the pod too.

The hunter gives way

I was on the trail of a one month old Hurricane pilot when I was forced to give way to a fellow hunter. He was flying a Sacrilege, and we almost landed on each other a couple of times as each tried to catch the Hurricane (who was oblivious to what was going on as he warped from belt to belt).

The Sacrilege nearly got me, but I was just a hair too fast for him. Realizing that I could not take on the Hurricane before the Sacrilege arrived, I gracefully gave way to the mightier hunter.

I had a chat with him, though, because the Sacrilege is a ship I have my eye on for the future, despite it's poor reputation. He told me that he had found the Sacrilege to be an awesome solo ship, and the people who criticized it simply did not understand it, or how to use it.

While he did not elaborate, I was heartened by what he had to say. While it is a long way off right now, I'll eventually be moving on to a larger ship, and the Sacrilege looks like it builds on all the skills I'm maxing out for the Vengeance.

Impossible ransoms

I have happily embraced the Tusker tradition of ransoming new players for a joke or a song, but they seem far less happy about it than I do. Despite having offered several ransoms of this kind, not a single one has been accepted.

It baffles me. It costs people nothing but a little bit of effort, yet they "can't think of any". Well here's a hint. You're at a computer. Open google, and search for a joke. You can even cut and past the damn thing. It's that easy.

It's almost like they want me to pod them.


  1. Don't forget haiku's for ransom - I wrote a couple and keep then next to my computer in case I end up on the wrong side of a Tusker!

  2. I've been playing Eve for about as long as you, I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks Amarr missile cruisers (I have my hear set on a HAM Legion) might be very cool. Natural omni-tank, ability to totally select damage type and fit full tackle surely makes it a good ship?

  3. Tried tansoming a guy for a joke and he went for it (WARNING: DARK SEXUAL HUMOUR)

  4. @Jack Dancer:
    Oh no, not Tuskers
    Please, just let me keep my pod
    I don't want to die.