Monday, 19 November 2012

Committing to a skill plan(ish)

While I've always had a fairly clear idea of what I wanted to train, I've never been one to use skill plans or remaps to boost my efficiency. After setting my attributes to a fairly even distribution (bar charisma, of course), I've enjoyed the ability to plug in skills without worrying what their primary and secondary attributes might be.

In hindsight, I wouldn't change a thing. New players have a really difficult time knowing which skills they need, as well as when they are going to need them. A general attributes distribution allows for last minute rearrangements of skills without punishing the player.

However, the last two weeks have gotten me thinking. When my home internet connection went down, I called a friend and had them throw Advanced Weapons Upgrades V onto my skill queue, because I had no idea how long it would be before I could log back in. I'd been saving AWU V for the Christmas break, but I didn't want to lose any training time either. Then, after I got my connection fixed (sort of), I was swamped by work, so I just let it go on training.

In order to scratch the EvE itch while I couldn't play, I started reviewing the skills that I wanted to be training over the next few months. These included:

  1. Caldari Cruisers and Battleships
  2. Amarr Battleships
  3. Destroyers V
  4. Recons V
  5. HAC V
  6. Command Ships (if the changes to boosting look good)
  7. All the missile skills (I'm maxed out for frigates, but not larger ships)
If you noticed that all of these skills run off Perception and Willpower, pat yourself on the back.

As I had about six months of Perception/Willpower training (at least) ahead of me, I decided to bite the bullet and remap Perception/Willpower. I've got a bonus remap from last Christmas that I can use to return to a general stat distribution whenever I like, and I figure I'll probably get another bonus remap this Christmas. Might as well use them.

So, in the new year I hope to be playing with a few new ships, assuming that I can afford them (the T2 stuff would really stretch my budget right now, but if I fly cheap and win consistently, I should be able to afford them in January/February).

Otherwise, apologies for the lack of updates; we ought to be back to something a little more regular this weekend. 


  1. The destroyer/battlecruiser changes have inspired me to make a similar change (once I nail down just a few more fitting skills ...).

  2. I hate those long ol V skills, I did BC V and Destroyers V as well as all racial frigs to IV and racial cruisers to III in order to get most benefit from the changes coming up.